The fandom may be dead, but the Big Four was and probably will forever be my favorite crossover. There was just such a good balance between the characters in terms of design and personality. Sure, the timelines never lined up completely in canon, but it was fun imagining all the adventures these four could get into together. I have no context for why they are discussing battle plans, but I’m sure there are plenty of fanfics this could fit into. The designs are from a SUPER old drawing I did back when the fandom was still active (with a few minor alterations). Gosh, I drew that 6 years ago... maybe I should do a side-by-side comparison. Hiccup, Toothless, Jack (c) Dreamworks Rapunzel (c) Disney Merida (c) Disney/Pixar

I have better thing to do (like sleeping) but I decided to do this instead... add more!

EdIIIIt: because of some comments I'll explain myself:

This does not measure the furry level of the characters but YOUR level, so if you like chat, you are 45% furry, if you feel attacked please don't be, this is a JOKE.

Saying that let's explain the rest:

5% - human with animal references: when a character is abt to go ape sh!t and it is shown with a animal reference (nagisa "becomes" a snake, karasuno members' eyes change or crows appear in the bg) you get excited and make you feel things. I have a crush on Noya so I KNOW 😂😂

30% - humans with animal traits: the fact that they share a personality trait with an animal makes you adore them more, mostly if that trait is cute or dangerous.

45% - humans with animal theme transformation: ngl I meant to go straight for the k!nk 😋

50% - half/half: self explanatory, you dont mind the tail, claws, ears and similar, in fact, you think that makes them more attractive and I dont judge you... I understand you.

69% - With human and animal shape: probably you're more into the human but you are aware that the other shape exist... and it doesn't bother you at all.

80% - animal with human features: self explanatory, no need to elaborate.

97% - animals: I'd seen some people questioning abt why Toothless is in the same place as Kovu... well, I've seen things on the internet that will forever hunt me.

Why there isnt a 100%?: 100% is for people who can't be saved...

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.