Dad: "I identify as a toaster today"

Mom: "I identify as asparagus"

Pause. Mom turns to me

Mom: "What do you identify as?"

Me, trying to think of a silly object but failing: "Oh god, no clue"

Mom: "Ah, yes! Whats that called again?"

Me: "what... do you mean?"

Mom: "When you're in between or whatever"

Me: "... you mean nonbinary...?"

Mom: "yes! Thats it! Thats good to know! Isnt there a cooler word for that tho-" goes on trying to think of a better word for it as if she didnt just... do that

Cultural Divide.

My American mother in-law sending me an email: Hey! Let’s do something, I’m going to the garden center soon, want to come?

Me: Oh cool that sounds like fun!

MIL: Yea! I want to finish making my fairy door in the garden this spring :)

Me, Scottish with Irish grandparents, shoving iron into my pockets and throwing salt everywhere: ...great.

Anonymous asked:

how do you think albus would come out to Harry & his family and how would they react?


Tbh I don’t think Albus would stress about it too much, since he knows his family is very tolerant and accepting. He’s of course a bit nervous when he one morning says to his parents that he has something to tell them, but in the end, everything turns out just fine and to be honest, Albus isn’t really even surprised, but glad that his parents don’t mind that he’s dating Draco Malfoy’s son.

Meanwhile Scorpius (even though you didn’t ask) is nearly working himself into a panic attack and tells his father that he’s in love with his best friend, while stuttering a lot and fidgeting with his sleeves. He knows, of course, that his father is a good and caring person, but he can’t help worrying. He cares a lot about what his father thinks of him and fears he’d be disappointed and angry at the prospect of Scorpius becoming the last Malfoy or whatever. Draco of course thinks nothing of the sort and tells that to Scorpius, who is very, very relieved.