i just cowboy country rhymed my way out a bad dream; and it's not that it was going that bad before. but somebody started yellin, and i could feel my heart rate rising, so i blew her head up from the ceiling to the door. but everybody just stood there lookin incredulous, and i decided i didn't wanna take it anymore. so i simply started narrating, in a rhyming country pattern, and floated my way through the second floor.

i kept on rising till i was a giant above the east coast; and at this point i knew i was approaching the end of my nap. so i gathered all my willpower, and my anger and frustration, and i wiped south carolina off the map.

yet even in a dream it didn't go unnoticed, and i felt something bigger than me grab me by the collar. i was fightin and i was spittin, and i was ready to hoot an holler, when a voice said:

"why'd you do that to the land?"

and i knew i was being reprimanded by a god.

not just any old god, now, but the one and only. not a figure nor a form was there in sight. but the force that drives the universe was now holding me by my shirt, asking bout what gave me the right. so i said "oh god my god won't you please forgive me, i seem to have gotten a little carried away. i'll put the land right back the way it was now," and god set me down and sent me on my way.

and i wish i could tell y'all just what happened after that; cause it seems like quite a story there's left to tell. but i've got just one excuse and it's a little lame, i know, but i woke up.


I'm tired of broken promises

Forgotten oaths

And being disappointed in the world

I'm tired of shallow words

That someday they won't stand by

And things they give

Just to take back

I'm tired of trusting and being stabbed


I'm tired of conditional love

Earning people's affection

Winning the prize of attention

And losing it when they see something they don't like

I'm tired of expectations

And not amounting


I wish I was enough for actual love

The pretty kind that won't let go

I hope my sister doesn't also become a ghost

She's the only family I still own"

— Diary #4, Maya Z

Disconnected Truths 10

A previous owner

has nothing new to sell

Winter will spring

after summer has fell

A dozen life terms

is no worse than one

The past-tense of shin

is not to be shun

Fellatio's amazing,

cunnilingus is better

Scarlett Johansson

has two double letters

Some holy guy's bread

holds a body of wine

Outgrown fairy tales

have their moments to shine



I’m a murderer of the worst kind

‘cause my words kill every minute and we’re killing every time,

put me on a trial and I won’t mind,

I’m in it for a reason and I’m still in it for the rhyme.

Call my bluff, I am ready-made,

how many syllables can I fit in a serenade?

My words cut like a heavy blade

and we don’t like to be mistaken or paraphrased.


Disconnected Truths 15

The year 2020

has been full of surprises

Hemingway knew

the old man...also rises

Everything happens

for no reason at all

What's really the difference

between scarf and shawl?

Teal is confusion

among green and blue

You neighbor gets hi

each time she sees you

God doesn't need

a sinner's repentance

Sometimes I struggle

to finish a sen


like cutting flowers because you think they are pretty // you hurt me so bad, yet im still by your side // beautiful child, with that innocent look in your eyes // while you tear me to pieces, you still have a smile

Disconnected Truths 8

Four score is 80

and love equals zero

Oedipus Rex

wasn't much of a hero

Iowa sounds like

a shape-shifting vowel

The drier you get

the wetter your towel

A peacock is not exactly

a tiny green dick

Aunt Jemima is savvy

to Uncle Ben's clique

The chemical symbol

for potassium is K

If you're ever left speechless

you'll have nothing to say