Happy Revenge of the Sixth y'all, iiiiiiiiiit's canon now!

It takes a while for Aawari to warm up to her new fate, I mean can you blame her? This means canonically Laz'ab keeps Aawari rather than dumping her for the Jedi to find, and the 'verse in which Arkley is her Master is now the AU.

If you're confused as to what the hell is going on and want to read the short stories I wrote in a bid to convince @Moonlitalien to let Laz keep her, I've linked them below. Happy Star Wars Day(s)!

- - -

Revenge of the Sixth: Weekly Roundup!

Kind of a quiet week - we assume that means most of us Winterhawklings are a)Jedis who don’t feel anger, fear, etc. b)struggling through finals, c) tired as all hell.

Hey, just want to say this to all of you: we’re posting these prompts every week IN CASE something catches your fancy. Please don’t feel bad about not participating in every one - or any of them. Just know we’re here to give you random content and support YOUR content. We love you Winterhawklings. 

Okay, here’s the roundup!:

Yesterday was not Revenge of the Fifth. Today is Revenge of the Sixth.

It fits better for multiple reasons:

  • Sixth is basically the same word as Sith with an X in the middle
  • Revenge of the Sith was the sixth Star Wars movie to be released
  • May 6th is the day that everyone who used Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to get wasted is nursing their hangovers.

I'm gonna hold firm to this and try to spread the word!

Is the Dark Side equivalent of Star Wars Day "Revenge of the Fifth"? or "Revenge of the Sixth"?

Asking for a friend.

That friend is me.

I've heard it both ways, and I need a definitive answer (cue the "only a Sith deal in absolutes" response).