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Regarding iman :

(Part I)

You have iman?

Why are you cursing?

You have iman?

Why you assume / accuse / blame others?

You have iman?

Who's manners are you following :





Rasulullah ﷺ ?

You have iman?

Why did you not practice Sabr?

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‘WandaVision’ Theory Knows Who Is Holding Wanda Captive and the Sinister Reason Why?

‘WandaVision’ Theory Knows Who Is Holding Wanda Captive and the Sinister Reason Why?

At first glance, the newly released premiere episodes of WandaVision seem to offer nothing substantial and simply seems to drive forth the “House of M” theory that has been floating around- that Wanda, grief-stricken after Vision’s death, lost control over her sanity as well as her powers and ended up creating the fake, sitcom-style reality we see her in. But look closely and you will see the…

All I'm saying is that Two Birds on a Wire is a Logan (or possibly a past fusion of Logan and Janus known as Reason) and Creativity King song. Just before and after the splits and, if Reason is involved, Logan's and Janus' feelings on the splits.

I feel like Reason and the Creativity King would be great friends before the separation of dark and light sides. But as Thomas grew older and the influence on what is good and bad affects the way he thinks, Patton (resident Morality) shows up and starts taking over, creating the light and dark sides.

"One tries to fly away and the other watches him close from that wire." This just shows the dynamic the two had. Chaotic King and calm motherly Reason.

"He says he wants to as well but he is a liar." This is just showing the inclusion of Janus as Deceit in this.

"I'll believe it all. There's nothing I won't understand." I'd like to say this shows the trust they have with eachother. With King trusting Reason with everything. And Reason listening to all of King's ideas and rants. Vis versa

The next verse can be between Roman and Logan or Remus and Janus or maybe even both. "One says, 'Come on!'" Remus and Roman. "And the other says, 'I'm tired.'" Janus and Logan.

Janus and Logan most likely remember what happened after the split and were there to witness King split. Remus and Roman, however, don't. They don't even remember what it was like before the split. All they know is that they did split and one was bad while the other was good. That's where the distate between the twins come from. Ignorance.

Roman at first tried to be nice with Logan. But Logan was still, dare I say, traumatized by both splits and was negligent towards Roman which resulted in Roman's dislike towards him. Janus, however, immediately went to take care of Remus, knowing exactly what type of creativity he would end up as.

That's all I have at the moment. More to come in the future