I’ve been spazzing over this on Twitter so now you get to suffer too. These are on the new Battle Pass and I can’t asfdasjhjks. HOW CUTE IS THAT TEDDY BEAR??! 🥺💜💜💜 I so want one irl And that’s not mentioning that close up of Kapkan’s, I have nothing else to say but this: I love him and those eyes are making me weak!

For the first time ever, I’m tempted to buy the Battle Pass

So in the Neon Dawn teaser animation short, it’s clearly shown Thermite’s hands are unblemished before the car accident and subsequent explosion that took Aruni’s leg and arm. AND YET, in Harry’s board we got this: “Air pockets in early Brimstone charge prototypes. re: Jordan’s injuries/guilt”

So yeah, Ubisoft not keeping track of their own lore confirmed again. I mean, a car accident and a bomb/explosive device going off aren’t exactly air pockets in brimstone charge prototypes...

To be clear, I’m not against this new explanation of Thermite’s scars, but Ubisoft managing to be coherent with the lore for once in their lives would be nice  🤷