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🔀Wave motion🌀 X 👀Search🔦??

New Quirk Name: Search Light

This Emitter type Quirk allows the user to fire own glowing green beams from their hands. These do no damage whatsoever, seemingly doing nothing on contact and burning up the user's stamina. However, the real power comes in the user's ability to pick up on the energy signature they create, making targets appear in a green glow from their perspective. This can effect anything and lasts quite a while, the user able to see these silhouettes no matter where they are in their visual range. Even at a distance, the user can still track their location through picking up the signature. This makes the user great at tracking anything, able to follow its trail no matter what the distance. Though the effect will wear off, causing the user to lose track of them. The user can poor in more energy to make the effect last longer, but this takes up more stamina.

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How about some headcannons about being the Heart of the team Penguin ? During missions, the reader is a total badass, but when they dont "work" , the reader take care of the team's wounds, give the boys comfort, encourage them, and etc.

Being the “Heartof Team Penguin HCs:

  • You also double as the team’s doctor, considering how often they end up beaten to a pulp by the Bat and his annoying little tag-a-long. You always carry a first-aid kit on you now, just in case.
  • None of them really understand why you stick around. They’re a bunch of villains, looking to take over the city. And you--you don’t seem like the “villainous” type. It just doesn’t make sense!
  • That’s not to say that they don’t appreciate what you do, because they absolutely do. Out of this whole damn city, you’re the one thing worth fighting for (aside from villainy).

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What is your character's relationship with their family like? Do they have grandparents? Siblings? How well do they get along with their extended family members?


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Willow was the youngest of four till her dad adopted a little boy. Everyone gets along for the most part.

She can’t remember her relationship with her mom but she never had any big problems with, Elizabeth. Despite how scary her mom looked Willow never shrinked away from her. At least not unless she was in trouble.

she’s good with her dad, William, for the most part. They’re fine till Willow remembers that he’s keeping big secrets from her. It really bothers her when he upright tells her she doesn’t need to know them. Despite that she loves him dearly and steals his big sweaters all the time.

To everyones’ knowledge there are no grandparents on her mom’s side. In her dad’s is only a grandpa. Due to family problems, she never met Dimitri. After he squeezes in to finally have a relationship with his grandkids, Dimitri decides he wants nothing to do with them, besides maybe Daniel. Dimitri didn’t approve of the woman William married. He told Willow it was better he left. The old man was abusive back in his parental days.

She barely sees the eldest, Mikael, but he doesn’t talk much. Willow usually spends time with her niece when he visits. He is always concerned about her and their talks are usually about her mental health and her work.

She gets along with the twins of their family, Tony and Zane. She can tell Tony when she’s upset and he won’t mask for too many details but will do little things to help her. Whether it’s buying a little snack or giving her one of those scheduled long hugs. Zane is a different story. He feeds of making chaos. For Willow it’s contagious and they feed off each other. They don’t talk a whole lot of feelings and Willow finds it hard to bring those things up with him. She tries to make sure Zane knows she loves him.

The little boy her dad adopted, Daniel, strangely fit right in. Willow took a liking to him almost immediately. She leans on the tiny brother of hers and likes to show him how small he is. She’ll show affection to annoy him, which is fine till she hugs him for too long and he wants to play video games.

Willow gets along with Mikael’s wife, Daisy, though, technically she’s missing in the story. She takes a liking to Willow as a little sister, Bringing her little gifts when she visits. Additionally, Daisy is always open to chats with her. They talk about woman things sometimes, Daisy being the only female family member she can talk to.

Neither Willow, her brothers, or her dad get along with Daniel’s blood related family. They didn’t like a stranger adopting they’re family’s boy. Especially after losing his parents so suddenly and horribly. Not to mention the Washingtons look bizarre and Willow and her scars were rather scary.

The only blood family Willow has besides her immediate family and grandfather are two brothers on her mom’s side. Due to the family secrets William keeps Willow never met her two hybrid and uncles.

Strag, a family friend, almost raised Willow. She loves the gargoyle dragon dearly. Almost always running to him when she is in trouble. He had to fix that so Willow ran to her own dad. She has her own space in his crazy hybrid infested home. Even if she can no longer visit often.

Another childhood family friend of William’s is Jake. Willow never liked him much. He was always so serious and had little patience. There was always something he needed to do so she didn’t see him much. They butt heads when Willow visits.

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