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Anonymous asked:

Mafia AU. Luz isn't allowed to drive normally cause she goes zoom. The only time she is allowed to drive is when they're in a tight situation cause Luz is an amazing get away driver. Most of the time when she drives she breaks every road safety law and everyone in the car is screaming and holding onto something. Everyone thought she'd chill out when driving with Amity, instead her driving rubbed off and Amity, now Amity goes zoom and everyone is terrified. -Punk Anon

“You either go zoom or go in the tomb.”                                                  -Luz Noceda

Luz has to FLOOR it whenever she’s driving. You cannot stop her. She’s like in one of those racer games going as fast as possible to win a race but the race is escaping the cops and terrifying everyone in and outside of the car for their own safety.

Luz is a reckless driver but Amity can play off a speed chase pretty well. However after dealing with Luz’s driving skills in a getaway situation she, being a genius, thought it would be a lot easier to just Floor It than attempt to hide since that only worked about 60% of the time. Speed demons, both of them