I hate it when I'm researching historical foods cause a bitch is curious and instead of getting meals the results are like "oh!! They ate lentils and apples and cabbage and bread" like yeah I KNOW that, but they probably weren't just eating those things raw, individually: what were the meals?? What did they put in their soups? What herbs or spices did they like? What was their candy? What was considered a side dish? How did they cook it? I want MEALS and RECIPES not ingredients, can you imagine someone being from 600 years in the future researching what ppl today ate & the results for what "Macdonalds" was just says "potatoes and chicken"

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your historically accurate edits of Indigenous characters and wanted to ask for help on where to start in order to do my own research. Do you find any one web/archive thing to be more useful, use any keywords to get your research started, or have any tips? Research takes time and that's probably why I haven't found anything yet, but I also want to make it as effective as possible. Thank you for everything! 💕

Not really, there's not really any common thread of where I get my information from or how I find it.  Mind you, the el dorado edits one literally took MONTHS of not only editing and drawing, but of research, which I also left a disclaimer on that I could still be wrong but that those were the conclusions I came to based on my results, and would be happy to be corrected if I was wrong. I downloaded or looked at academic papers and sources that turned up nothing relevant to what I was looking for, or contradicting evidence. I did that for months. I unfortunatly lost some of the sources I had originally found and then I couldn’t even find them again later. It’s really trial and error, finding things from sources, then trying to find other things that might back it up.  This could literally all also depend on what you’re researching and how well documented it is, or from who it’s coming from as well

So there’s no super secret database or site that hosts everything in one place, or special words you use to get the sources and information to exactly what you want when you want it. Some topics might have sites where they host specific information like this but not always and it really depends on what. Idk I’m not really doing anything special that you wouldn’t do for researching an academic essay and then keeping at that until I find something that sticks and sounds plausible and then finding other information to see if it checks out. Wikipedia can be helpful. Be skeptical and critical. Try look at where your sources are coming from, see if you can find primary sources, etc. Don’t be like me and lose track of your info, so you have a reference as well as just in casey you’re wrong you know at least where you got misinfo from. Be optimistic about correction.