So because of this post about nestle and other companies using child slaves for their chocolate. I decided to look up what chocolate brands Nestle produces because I couldn't remember what else besides chocolate nesquik they have. Turns out Nestle owns over 2000 brands which I knew it was a lot but I had no idea it was that many! Anyways here are just a few of their more popular brands they own.

This is just part of it Tumblr won't allow me to post more photos. Here's a link to all their brands in case your curious. They are completely awful.


Please, please, please I am begging you, do not buy any Purina brand dog food. I know it's cheap, I know that it's a grocery store brand. But it's cheap for a reason, kids.

Let me explain. I work at a pet store, and these little bugs? They're moths, and they're fucking nasty. They fly around constantly, and in the past six months, we've lost at least 2 full shipments of Purina One and Beneful food to infestations. They crawl inside the ears (the corners) of the bag, and manage to wiggle their way inside. Then, they can feast.

And the reason they feast? Purina food is crap. It's shittily made, has shitty ingredients, and there have been studies that show that this food can cause seizures in dogs. (I'm on mobile, so I can't source this, but a couple minutes on Google should prove me right.)

And even without those studies, would you ever want to feed your pet something that attracts such nasty little bugs? I will tell you from firsthand experience that they're the most annoying little fuckers I've ever had the dishonour to know of. You don't want these in your home, folks. You don't want these near your precious pets.

For the love of all that's holy, I'm begging you: Keep your babies safe and don't buy Purina food.

So I reached out to Purina since there was a huge hubbabaloo with regards to Purina's new formulation of Pro Plan causing illness in dogs. I sent them an email less than 12 hours earlier and this is what the response I received read:

"Hi Jordan,

Thank you for contacting Nestlé Purina PetCare Company.

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns regarding our Purina Pro Plan dog food. All of our Pro Plan dry dog formulas have gone through a package update and name change. In addition, some formulas may have had an ingredient realignment or a minor shift of ingredients. We wouldn’t expect these minor changes to cause any type of intestinal upset or a refusal to eat. While some of our Pro Plan formulas already contained guaranteed live probiotics, we’ve added them to more of our formulas.

As with any package or reformulation change, we have been hearing more from our loyal consumers. We would like to assure you that all of our products, including Pro Plan, can be fed with complete confidence. While our Pro Plan formulas are nutritious and contain high-quality ingredients, we realize that all dogs are different, and some may be more sensitive to ingredient changes than others.

If you have heard of someone who has a health concern with their pet, we recommend they see a veterinarian who would be in the best position to advise, diagnose and treat them. That said, we take all health concerns seriously. So, if they have questions about their pet’s food or nutrition or are concerned that the food impacted their pet’s health in some way, we want them to contact our consumer care team on our toll free line, 1-800-268-5345. There we would collect additional information such as package details, veterinarian records, etc. and, if applicable, have a third-party veterinarian review the situation.

We trust you will find this information helpful. If we can provide additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Your Engagement Specialist,


I'm personally doubtful that there's a serious issue with the food since there tends to be a snowball effect with these kinds of potential causes of illness in animals. Consider how rare neurological effects somewhat connected to NexGuard has now become "NexGuard Kills Dogs". I'm definitely interested to see how this all shakes out.

There have been rumors that Purina has acknowledged the food is making dogs sick so they're going back to their previous formulas. I've seen them here and there in the past few months and I'm currently waiting for an email back from Francine with regards to that but as far as any social media posts by the company, any press releases, any statement on their website there appears to be zero proof that they are changing formulas

Please, if your dog is experiencing any symptoms of illness, take them to the vet and reach out to Purina if you have concerns that their illness is food related. That way, it gets recorded in one central location and they can track whether there is an issue rather than vague social media posts alleging Purina's slightly different food nearly killed your dog.

So, our feed order was in the wrong end of the truck because the two orders in the truck had been mislabeled. We unloaded one full pallet of what we thought was Cracked Corn, realized what had happened and stopped unloading.

However, the bags on the pallet were listing dangerously, so we told the driver to just trade our pallet of cracked corn for theirs at the other end. He left to go deliver theirs and would return later.

Midway through his return trip, Purina calls and asks if we have a pallet of Dry COB. I tell them no, it should be a pallet of Cracked Corn, but I will check and find out and explain what happened (to the best of my knowledge) to them.

Manager goes out to check, it turns out it is Dry COB. I report this to a baffled person at Purina, who tries his best to take down the info so he can pass it on to the lady who contacted me originally.

The driver finally returns. Manager gets everything unloaded. The bags on the pallet are still listing dangerously. We receive one free ton of Dry COB (that we do not remotely need).

“We got a free ton of Dry COB”, Manager says, slapping down the paperwork.

“Like, a lot of Dry COB or an actual ton of Dry COB?” Dimples asks, “What kind of ton?”

“Both! A buttload! A crapton!” Manager begins to rant.

“An actual ton,” I say, finishing and email to a customer.

Anonymous asked:

🦉 Purina Live Clear claims to reduce cat allergies for humans. Can what a cat eat really reduce or increase allergies? Tax: Do you have any animal themed toys/clothes for your baby? If so, whats your favourite?

I will let Dr. Ferox answer the question about her baby, but I recently completed a course on the new Purina Live Clear product and yes, it looks like it really does work. It contains an antibody to the protein in cat saliva that most allergic humans react to. That way it doesn’t stop the cat from producing it (and since we don’t know what it does for the cat, we don’t want the cat to stop producing it), just prevents it from being spread onto the fur and thus into the environment.

- GV

I have so, so many animal-themed toys and clothes for my little Honey Bee, you would not believe. The all time favourite is a little knitted beanie with long white lamby ears. It brings me to tears it is so cute. Unfortunately, she hates hats.

- Dr Ferox