Persona 5 Strikers - All-Out-Attack Trailer. It’ll launch for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on February 23, 2021 in the west.



Looking for some rest and relaxation, the Phantom Thieves set out to begin their road trip, until a ruthless Kyoto detective enlists their help investigating a series of strange cases occurring across Japan… otherwise, he’ll arrest Joker. As they dig deeper into the mystery, they discover another realm where innocent people are being jailed and forced to forfeit their hearts’ desires by the whims of its ruler. In typical Phantom Thieves style, they’re going to use everything they’ve got to liberate the imprisoned, return their hearts, and strike back against the corruption in their most explosive fight yet!

Key Features

  • New Story and Sights – Persona 5 Strikers features a deep story campaign and thrilling combat that makes for a true Persona experience. Visit six different cities across Japan, cook tantalizing regional recipes, and lend a helping hand to those in need. Then, fight against the Shadows to uncover the source of the corruption within the Metaverse dungeons. Jump into the story whether you are a newcomer to the series or a longtime fan!
  • Fight with Style – Attack enemies in the hybrid battle system that fuses explosive action-combat with pause-and-plan sequences to decide your next strategic move. Gain an advantage over your enemies by ambushing them, striking their elemental weaknesses to knock them down, and deal the finishing blow with an All-Out Attack!
  • Harness the Phantom Thieves’ Full Strength – All Phantom Thieves are fully playable, so utilize each character’s specific skills and summon their Personas for smooth, elegant combat! Strengthen their skills and abilities and fight with your own style. Each character has their own unique suite of wide-ranging, flashy spells and magic to clear out big hordes. Have you ever wanted to fight as a giant cat bus? Well, look no further. Persona 5 Strikers is purrfect for you.

A new update for KSP Enhanced Edition is live!

Hello Kerbonauts! 

A new update for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is live! 

This update includes a number of quality-of-life-features , including the ability to seamlessly switch between the SPH and the VAB without leaving the editor, plus a Maneuver Widget for fine tuning maneuvers during interplanetary flights.  Console players  have  now also access to Camera Mode, which allows to take cool screenshots without the UI showing up and the ability to move the camera around when the game is paused in flight. A good deal of fixes has also been packed into this update, and for Breaking Ground players we have included the R-062, R-12 and R-25 Ducted Fan Blades to the part inventory, among several other things.

Check out this patch's Changelog for further details:

Quality of Life Updates
* Sliders now display units in the Part Action Window where appropriate * Added Marquee scrolling to a few PAW items for when the text is super long. Text is ellipsis in this case and on mouse over will move left then right * Updated the Future suit glow color picker position to prevent it from hovering the Kerbal preview * Intended duplicated group-actions have a marker to distinguish the part side * Converter actions now indicate resource type to differentiate them * Hide UI elements that aren't being used and avoid unnecessary updates in flight mode * The PAW start position doesn't block the center of the screen * Maneuver Widget for Fine Tuning Maneuvers * Pinned labels in map view now persist pinned even when leaving and re-entering map view * Add new Cheat option in the Debug Menu - Set Position to teleport a vessel to a position relative to the surface of a celestial body * Editor switcher - switching between SPH and VAB without leaving the editor * Made staging and docking UI available in map view * Persist Aero GUI UI debug window setting and Debug Aero info in PAWs setting between game sessions * Add an EVA button when opening the Transfer Crew dialogue via the PAW
New Features
* Fuel cells can be set started in the VAB or SPH for launch * Added EVA button to the crew transfer dialog. Functions the same as the crew hatch dialog EVA button * Solar Panel and RTG now displays the power units produced based on Experience trait settings in the Part extended tooltip * Add function to “back-off” the camera when switching vessels to prevent the camera from starting inside vessels * Added action groups for the fan blades for toggling the Roll, Yaw and Pitch controls independently and also turn them all ON or OFF * Added Camera mode (unlocked camera movement controls) when game is paused in flight and you hide the UI * Ability to edit Action Groups in flight * Add ability to edit numerical value fields in PAWs using the key input
New Parts and Updates
* Add rock/dirt debris FX to the Drill-O-Matic and Drill-O-Matic Junior * Fix LV-N engine FX particle offset
Fixed Issues
* Wheels and vessel will remain stable after time warping. * Kerbals performing EVAs now show in the proper tab in the astronaut complex after their initial craft has been recovered in flight. * The Hack Gravity cheat can be reset to the default value by moving the slider to 1.00, pressing the reset button, or unchecking the box to disable the feature * The camera will now be placed an appropriate distance and away from large crafts or objects when switching scenes throughout gameplay. * The cursor can no longer be opened while on the Open Vessel menu *  The altimeter buttons are no longer functional while holding deployed science. This prevents the icons from getting stuck on scene change. * "Return to Space Center" and "Cancel Strategy" buttons are now functional when activating 5 resource strategies in the Administration Building. * Look around cursor is present and works accordingly when toggling it with [L3] throughout flight. *  Kerbals now remain in their pre-flight state when immediately reverting to the VAB/SPH through the flight results menu after a vessel is crashed. * More info will now automatically scroll when viewing the additional information. The scroll will move accordingly, stopping at the top and bottom for a few seconds before continuing. * (Xbox) Infinite propellant cheat no longer causes drops in performance when flying a craft with the throttle set to zero. * The title's memory usage and frame rate should now remain stable when using the tweak mode on parts while 'Simplified' is the active preset. * The cursor is automatically activated, and fairing previews now display in real time when choosing "Build Fairing" in the fairing PAW when using simplified preset. * (PS4) The Approach information for the maneuver instantly updates when an intercept is found with a target or celestial body in Map Mode with any Controller Preset throughout gameplay. * The Text Maneuver Editor window now opens accordingly when a Maneuver Node is placed/ adjusted from Map Mode with all control presets.  * The tooltip for 'approach info' now updates to display the name of any celestial body or vessel that is being targeted by the active vessel. When untargeted, the tooltip updates to display this. * The place cross-section prompt is replaced by a blue "Close Fairing" prompt when it is possible to terminate the fairing to another part. * The rename button next to action sets 1-4 will now function when used.
History and Parts Pack
* Contracts that require DLC specific parts no longer appear in Mission Control while the specific DLC is not installed in a Career Playthrough.
Breaking Ground
* Adjusted the Remove Row button in KAL to only delete the row when clicking on the red cross, not the whole segment * Stock Breaking Ground Vessel Updates *R-062, R-12 and R-25 Ducted Fan Blades * The remove track function's clickable area is confined to the red X button
If you want to continue helping us out by providing us with feedback and bug reports, you can do so through our Bugtracker or Private Division’s customer support platform.

Happy Launchings!

Pembroke Hospital Vampyr Discord Server
  • Active and welcoming community
  • Home to talented creators
  • Kind and supportive users
  • Active discussions of lore and headcannons
  • OC and RP friendly
  • AU discussion and creation
  • Original content friendly
  • Film, game, and music streaming
  • Global users
  • LGBT+ safe space
  • 100+ Community Emojis
  • Fun and colourful roles
  • Level 2 Boost (50mg upload size for all memebers, 256 Kbps audio quality, 1080p 60fps streams)
  • Dedicated and friendly admin team

Link is in the reblogs and my blog header. If you can’t find it feel free to send an ask!

Banner art courtesy of @stormklinge

Insomniac Peter: Okay Miles, before we even think of putting a web shooter on your wrist, I’m gonna make sure you have a PhD’s worth of understanding geometry and trigonometry so you don’t accidentally smash your face into a wall. Don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way and if I ever do decide to let you go solo, it will be because I trust you immensely to be an amazing Spider-Man.

Spider-Verse Peter: Deep end of the pool, kiddo! See all those dangerous villains with guns and that crazy psycho scientist with the buzz saws?! Well they ALL want to kill you and dissect you so you better start swinging, sport! Don’t even think about it, just use your instincts and go with the flow!