After procrastinating for years, I've finally written four chapters of my story over the last 4 days. This is something that I am genuinely proud of myself for.

Reblog to tell us about something you're genuinely proud of yourself for! It's important to recognise and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small!!

Ima be annoying (heheh sorry) and tag @qrowesque @akirameta84 and @chaotic-bisexual-bitch ...

Because y'all have put up with me before XP

Hi so here's another the falcon and the winter soldier Spoiler without context

Ok so I am half German so I was super excited about Daniel Brühl being in the show. And in Episode 5 I was like really scared that he was just gonna get unalived but then. The SCENE ABOUT THE NOTEBOOK happened and I was just fangirling in my room.

proud to be a nerd

When I found Nerdfighteria about a year and a half ago, I has so happy to find a group of people that cared about many of the things that I cared about and made me proud to be a nerd. The Vlogbrothers make me laugh, but at the same time think deeply about different things and I don’t know what my life would be like without them.