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promo tips

Oh hi! As requested yesterday, I will be giving some promo tips. Hope this can help some of you out.


1: There's no minimum follower count to make a promo

Just be aware of what type of promo you will do. Start with small ones, and prefer doing it "all promoted". Reblog it a few times before it reaches to make it more visible. Promos based on time (1 hour promo, 2 hour promo) and joint promos are harder to reach a good amount of notes. Once you start doing promos, try to be active with them, doing them at least 3 times a week. People will see you do promos often and you'll receive a good response from this. ↓

2: Make it as short and as neat as possible

Make short, clear phrases. Be direct. Long promos are longer to read (ain't nobody got time for that) and also look aesthetically bad. BUT! Don't make it overly bland. You have to find the balance between a clean promo and your personal touch. ↓

3: Put some personal touch

You have to make your promo appealing. A gif, a image, a symbol, a cute phrase, or just the way you write your promo. This is actually very personal, so try to make it look good based on what you think will look good. You can also make it appealing doing something different than the usual promos. ↓

4: If you have more time in your hands, do something different

A lot of screenshots, screenshots of theme and archive, lists with descriptions of the blogs, blog rates, lists of "best posts" or "best themes" or "best urls", or anything you can think of. Different ideas are very appealing but be aware that they are usually harder to do. And, once you say you'll do it, you have to keep your word. ↓

5: Do what you said you'd do

Do not lie. Nobody will participate again if they notice that you lie on your promos. If you said you'd do something, you do it. And you do it well. ↓

6: Put some effort into it

The first thing you need to have in mind abt making promos, is that it won't be easy. You can't do a promo and when it's done, just throw some urls on your blog and that's it. When you do your promo lists, solos and screenshots, make it the best you can do for your followers. Do your lists carefully, make them pretty, take good screenshots, make attractive texts to put on them, put a cute symbol here and there. Nobody wants to participate on promos that are done bluntly and badly. Make it well done. Also, try to not let your followers waiting too much. ↓

7: Once it has reached, do it as fast as you can

This is why you have to be prepared for the work that a promo will give you. Nobody wants to wait. Unless you have a really good excuse (you traveled, you got no internet signal for a long time), everybody expects that you will do the promo in the next 24 hours after it ended. Your followers won't be interested in participate in other promos if they notice you take too long to do them. To avoid the "have you done the promo yet?" asks, not also do it fast, but let your followers know you've done it by deleting the promo post. ↓

8:  Do not delete the original post before the promo is done

I think this will be the most useful tip. While the promotion is going on, even though you can reblog it some times to keep it being seen and delete the reblogs after, you must not delete the original one. That way, your followers can easily keep track if you’ve done the promo already or not. When you do the promo, you delete it or rewrite the original post (writing something like “done!” or “promo ended!”), letting your followers know that you’ve done it.


So that's all I could think of. Anyways, these are just /TIPS/, not /RULES/, just smth I thought I could share. If anyone thinks this is useful, I'll be glad. ^ - ^

Anonymous asked:

promoing tips?

I strongly suggest you make a page/blog used for promotions only! That way, it doesn't clog up your main page and you probably won't have many followers so you can spam the tags all you want! Also, please avoid asking other RPG's for shout-outs. I just don't think it's fair. They have their own roleplay to promote, they have no time for yours. Besides, that's what RPH's are for, am I right? Get the word out there, maybe even promote a while before officially opening up? And make nice promo graphics to attract roleplayers. :)