Final Editorial Product

After a lot of development and decision-making, I am so pleased to feel happy with the final result of my editorial. Before sending it off to the printers, I wanted to double-check everything so I printed it at home on a basic HP inkjet.

I am definitely pleased I added this to the list of proofreading tasks, as i spotted 2 type errors and found that some text was too close to the edge of the page.

To create my final product, I enhanced my editorial skills by brushing up on my principles knowledge and investing in a Stack Magazine subscription. This has allowed me to obtain a new appreciation for all editorial work.

Looking back on my goals and objectives, I feel that I have achieved the ‘look at me’ expression I was working towards. My editorial is shouty and to the point. I also think the use of colour has helped me to keep the visual assets coherent.

Below are some of my favourite spreads.

I was super excited when my printed version came in the post. On Doxzoo, there is a minimum £5 spending limit so I ordered 1 A5 and 1 A4 copy of the magazine.

It is great to see the physical production of my design, but I am still sticking with my decision of the A5 format as I think this definitely looks a lot better than the larger.