Anonymous asked:

Howdy. Can u do a hc or scenario Venom with breeding kink? I kinda miss that goofball 🥺👉👈💦

Yes. Sometimes you see an alien and just want to be straight up chockfull of babies by him. It is also completely normal that I want to wear Venom after he wears me.

  • I have no idea how symbiotes reproduce I did not read the comics.
  • He’ll happily encase you and just slip inside. Probably won’t envelope you completely, though. More like spooning.
  • Being slime, he can painlessly slip into your cervix.
  • It won’t take a week for his sperm to meet your egg. Because your reproductive system will be oversaturated with cum.

Note: Sort of fluffy, despite the scene I chose the gif from lol. 

Imagine noticing Norman is being gentler than usual. 

Maybe, you thought as you lifted the sheet, he was serious about impregnating you. 

Norman deigned to wear a condom since you started having sex. No other contraceptives were used. But he hadn’t paid much attention to your cycle. He was ready to go whenever. 

His hands stroked your sides before moving down to your vulva. Palm skimming your pubic triangle, his face softened. You smiled. 

“What’s got you so sentimental?” 

“You’re pregnant.” Your silent confusion was sensed and he smiled. “The dog told me.”

Yeah, you registered. Norman’s Rottie had been more affectionate with you than unusual. Not that he didn’t go to you for head or belly rubs, it was just that he understandably preferred his dad. And now he’s going to get a stepsibling. 

“Not that I don’t trust his judgment, but we should drop by the store later and get a-” Norman slipped a thumb inside. “-test.” 

“How about you go with a load of cum,” your boyfriend suggested, “dripping into your panties?”

Imagine telling Angel you want Mantis-vampire hybrid babies. He agrees to have sex, but admits halfway through that vampires are sterile.

 “So I can’t give you babies,” he admits, groaning. “But I can help you find guys who can.” 

“I knew you’d say that,” you admit, laughing. “Well, not the part about a harem.”

“Harem?” Angel sounded intrigued. 

“But She-Mantises can mate with anyone.”