Anonymous asked:

I'm curious how the posting process works, is everything going up on AO3? Can you reclaim a fic once you write it under 'anonymous'? Maybe this is me just not knowing how AO3 works ha ha

No worries, thanks for the ask!

Yes all the fic posting will be done via AO3, because we need their anonymous collection feature to make this event work.

First of all, for a bit of general info about collections on AO3, you can always remove your own fic from a collection at any time. If it's in an anonymous or unrevealed collection, it will revert to a normal work on your dashboard after removal.

In terms of the Masked Author event specifically:

Participating authors will not need to do anything once their fic is in the collection. The collection will be anonymous until the end of the event. On reveal day (Sunday 11 July) we will lift the anonymous setting on the collection, and all the fics will appear with their correct authors, and on the authors dashboard as normal. At this point if the author has any user subscriptions, they will be notified about the new fic.

We will be posting information on the logistics of posting nearer the time for submission to help guide new authors and those unfamiliar with AO3 collections!

In the meantime, we hope this helps soothe any worry. You will get credit for your fic!

I love being in a smaller tumblr community solely for seeing posts travel between mutuals, followers and people I follow like “this mutual reblogged it from this mutual who reblogged it from this mutual who reblogged from this person who reblogged from this person who reblogged it from this follower who reblogged it from ME.”

It’s like listing who stole the Millennium Falcon but with posts

the fact that so many different groups of humans have their own versions of dragons is so funny... old timey ppl were so obsessed with the idea of putting a lizard in the sky