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2012: I can’t believe you use an iPad. All the cool kids are using iPhones.

2017: I can’t believe you still play with stress balls. All the cool kids are playing with Fidget spinners.

2020: I can’t believe you wear a mask over your mouth. All the cool kids are wearing gas masks.

2021: I can’t believe the toxic fumes are making you slowly go blind, and mushrooms grow on your skin. All the cool kids are having extra arms growing out of their ears and turning into half-pig monstrosities. 

Donald was thankful that he was the least known member of the duck family when it came to popularity and people using him to get to scrooge by befriending him but the others were another question.

Della had the worse of it having the natural nature to attracted attention to her postive nature creating the perfect chance for people to use her but donald was the brother that forced those types to leave before hurting his sister.

Anonymous asked:

Is it just me or is Zucest starting to gain some traction? Not that I'm complaining, in fact I'm very happy but how did it happen?

I had the same impression lately but I was just thinking I was being delusional / too optimistic and over reacting to an slight uptick in content. I’m happy I’m not the only one who got that impression!

I have no idea what could have caused it tho so I’ll just stick to being happy about it.

Thanks for the ask and tell me if you find what caused it ^^

Some rpers are over hyped. Like those annoying people in fandoms who hound new comers and say "you HAVE to read THIS Uber popular fanfic!!! It's sooo good!" And you read it and are rather unimpressed. Some rpers don't live up to what other people claim, or they turn out to be terrible people behind the scenes as they're placed on a pedestal. What I'm saying is, be very wary of hype. Make your own decisions about someone's ACTUAL abilities and true character.

Adachi and Shimamura Become the First Yuri Couple to Win Anime Trending Favorite Couple Seasonal Award

The popular website Anime Trending, which hosts popularity polls and gives out awards annually and seasonally announced that title character Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura from Adachi and Shimamura won Favorite Couple Ship for the 2020 Fall anime season.

Hougetsu and Sakura’s win, determined from user submitted votes, is the first Yuri couple to win the Favorite Couple Ship award. The couple is also nominated for the 7th Anime Trending Awards, for which polls are currently open.

Their win shows the increasing popularity of Yuri titles and their growing audience. It may serve as evidence that future Yuri titles can achieve financial success, when ever a few years ago the Yuri market was smaller and not able to support a variety of titles financially.

Adachi and Shimamura was produced At Tezuka Productions. It aired between October 9 and December 25 2020. The full series is available to stream on Funimation. The original light novel series by Hitoma Iruma is licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment.

A parallel between the violent union strikes in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s under Mrs Thatcher and strikes against Mr Modi were first drawn by Indian journalist Shekhar Gupta. Despite immense political pressure, Mrs Thatcher steamrolled coal miners in 1985. The Modi Government has offered to make some concessions after negotiations with protesters broke down, but farmers are refusing to budge until the reforms are scrapped. "You have water cannoned them. You have beaten them. There were women in there," Mr Kohli, the Australian campaigner, said of the Delhi protests. Nevertheless, the BJP remains wildly popular. A poll by the India Today newspaper in July found Mr Modi's Government was commanding a 78 per cent approval rating, compared with just 5 per cent disapproval. "There's no doubt that these protests will test the Modi Government, but the deregulation it is attempting in the agricultural sector has been proposed for more than a decade," Professor Hall of Griffith University said. "We should recognise too that the current government is in incredibly strong position: it is about 18 months into a five-year term, it commands a strong majority in the lower house, and the opposition parties remain weak and fragmented." But Mr Singh of Turbans for Australia said that "[Mr Modi's] popularity is good in the books, or on social media … but on the ground level the reality is very different. The BJP thinks they are unquestionable in India, which is wrong."

'Why Indian farmers are protesting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's farming reforms', ABC News

“Tutberidze and Danii G’s blatant favouritism and preference for certain skaters in their group is just... Wow. Ew. Apparently, Daniil refuses to ‘waste his time’ choreographing for Zhenya. But, its okay, even though she’s horrible. Eteri’s actually not bad at choreo., she just makes a bad coach.”