Stardew Correspondences: Fall

(Note: these are my personal correspondences. Feel free to use, but be aware they may not work for you without some tweaking to adjust for your personal practice. Also, a lot of these likely will not apply to the real world counterparts to these items so always do further research. Additionally, these seasonal correspondence lists do not contain items released in patch 1.5 as they were written well in advance. Those items will have their own list.)


  • Amaranth- self-care, making sure your needs are being met
  • Artichoke- keep your guard up, hiding one's emotions/true thoughts/vulnerabilities. Useful in warding and shielding.
  • Bok choy- swiftness, haste, acceleration
  • Corn (can also be grown in summer)- longevity, endurance
  • Cranberries- be careful what you wish for, monkey paw wishes, bittersweet feelings. Useful for curses
  • Eggplant- versatility, adaptability, many purposes, hidden benefits. Could also be used in gender related glamour magic to appear more masculine or fertility spells for masc-aligned folks because it's phallic as all get out lol
  • Fairy Rose- love (self, platonic, romantic), long term relationships or friendships
  • Grape (can also be foraged in summer)- intoxication, infatuation, abundance, prosperity.
  • Pumpkin- protection of homes (especially when used to make Jack O Lanterns), love, family bonding (including family of choice). Can be used to represent the moon.
  • Sunflower (can also be grown in summer)- sustainability, continuations, seeking positivity. Can be used to represent the sun.
  • Wheat (can also be grown in summer)- an abundance, blessings, may you never be hungry literally or emotionally. Can be used to represent the element of earth.
  • Yam- soothing, gentleness, calming


  • Blackberry- resilience, healing, becoming quickly overwhelmed, knowing when to protect yourself and when to let down your guard
  • Wild Plum- regality, grace, beauty
  • Common Mushroom- duty, obligation, things that are unpleasant but necessary
  • Hazelnut- dreams, divination, luck, spirit work.


  • Albacore (also found in winter)- compromise, diplomacy, seeing both sides, finding middle ground
  • Anchovy (also found in spring)- cooking, handicraft, creativity
  • Catfish (also found in spring, summer in the secret woods)- storms both literal and emotional, depression, misery, drowning in sorrow. Useful for cursing and storm magic.
  • Eel (also found in spring)- strengthens spells cast at night, protection magic (specifically returning malicious energy/spells to the sender), binding spells
  • Midnight Carp (also found in winter)- shyness, timidity, being a wallflower, trying to come out of your shell
  • Red Snapper (also found in summer and can spawn while using a Rain Totem in winter)- childhood memories, nostalgia, comfort in the past
  • Salmon- migration, transitions, cycles, moving on
  • Sardine (also found in spring, winter)- stealth, secrecy, staying hidden
  • Sea Cucumber (also found in winter)- evasion, avoidance
  • Shad (also found in spring, summer)- changeability, malleability, to manipulate the odds in your favor
  • Smallmouth Bass (also found in spring)- diminishing returns, to shrink, insecurity, scarcity, anxiety. Useful for cursing and hexing.
  • Super Cucumber (also found in summer; can spawn in night market submarine)- magic, magical power, magical inspiration. Best used as an ingredient to strengthen other spells, or kept on hand while trying to create a spell.
  • Tiger Trout (also found in winter)- combinations, mixing things up
  • Tilapia (also found in summer)- taking time to restore yourself, vacations/staycations, relaxation
  • Walleye (also found in winter)- aggression, wrath, anger.
  • Angler- things aren't as they seem, deception, watch your back. Good for defensive spells and wards.

Bad Birthday Bouquet: A Stardew-based Techno Magic Curse

There's a guy I've known for years who's notorious for being a terrible person by... everybody I know who isn't terrible in their own right, honestly. There's a mile long list of reasons why he got to eat this curse, but the relevant one is that he's been mistreating a bunch of people and this is unfortunately not the first time this has happened.

And so when I'm out of all other options, I go for a curse. This one has worked swimmingly. This is a freakishly long post so it's under a cut for once.

Intimidating Shout

*A spell to enchant your voice so that you are heard, loud and clear*

What You Need

  • a bell, flute or other small instrument
  • a glass of water
  • a yellow candle (to attract attention to your voice)

What To Do

1. Prepare yourself as necessary. Meditate, ground, cleanse etc. Whatever you do before you engage in spellwork.

2. Start by sitting in front of your tools, humming whatever pitch, whatever sound, whatever word. Build the sound with your vocal cords, focus on those vibrations.

3. Light the candle, continuing to hum. Stare into the flame, feel the heat, the light, and continue to hum, remaining focused on the vibrations within your body.

4. Stop humming, pick up the instrument, ring the bell, play the flute, or make noise with whatever instrument you chose. Say “Within my throat, within my chest, allow me to be heard. Loud and clear, as I speak or shout, all will hear my words.”

5. Continue playing the instrument for a few moments, feeling those vibrations the same as you did when you were humming. Dip your fingers in the water, touch your forehead with those fingers, then dip them again and touch your throat. Dip them a third time then touch your chest.

6. Hum once, a long note, then say “From whisper to shout I will be heard, I will be understood. I send my vibrations into the world, to ripple, to take hold.”

7. When you speak, visualize that what you say has already come to pass. Manifest that your words have taken root and that they are heard and understood. Speak firmly, clearly, and most importantly think before you speak.

Good Luck and Happy Casting Witches!


The Basil Druid

An enchanting cirlce... for enchanting, obviously. Add this into your enchanting routine by printing it out, slappin' it on your workspace, and then putting the item you wish to enchant in the center. It'll help channel your energy into the item and stuff.


Two versions, one black and one white, both transparent. Go wild. c:

Pooh Bear Self Love Spell

Is your body less than ideal?  Does it not meet expectations, societal or self?  Do you wish to love it regardless?  Then this is for you!

What you will need - Honey (source local if possible) - Rose water

Pour a drop of honey into the water and dilute it.  Charge the potion under a full moon.  Dab the honey water on the places that deserve more lovin’.  Nose, belly, arms, thighs, wherever.  As you do, recite the following “I am beautiful.  Not for sex or viewing delight. I am beautiful because I am me.”

Repeat application whenever necessary <3

Kequing's Banishing Ritual

This is a super quick and easy general banishing ritual


💜Purple and Black pen/pencil


💜3 purple candles


💜Hot water



Think about all the things you need to banish from your life, take your time.

Light the candles and place them creating a triangle, place the piece of paper in center of the triangle (be careful!) and with the black pen write down what you've thought.

Focus on the flames, use fire's energy and direct it all over the paper, then quickly draw this sigil over what you wrote with the purple pen.

Pour hot water in the bowl, add salt, your piece of paper, and mix until salt is completely dissolved.

Leave your bowl in the center of the triangle, letting the water cool down.

Blow out the candles and discard water and paper.

Stardew Villagers As Poppets

(Note: this post isn't exactly super advanced spellcasting or anything but it does assume the reader is at least kind of familiar with stuff like energy work and sympathetic magic. If you're not familiar with either one of these, it's an easy thing to research-- I was familiar with the concepts before I started practicing magic so I don't really have any resources to suggest, but they're pretty common techniques so there's an abundance of resources out there.)

What Is A Poppet?

This is a basic as heck explanation but a poppet is a little person shaped item you can use to represent your target in magic, usually by adding a taglock-- this can be something that belonged to the person, something like hair, or even a photo or their signature. (They can also be used to do things like protect you from malicious spells.) It's a very common form of sympathetic magic.

How Do You Add Taglocks When It's All Digital?

A few suggestions:

  • Do a visualization exercise before you cast a spell where you visualize your actual target fusing with the villager you're planning to use.
  • If you have access to their signature, grab a picture of it and open it in a graphics program with layers. Do something like ink over it with a tablet or go over it in a pixel art style so you're a bit more connected to it, then visualize the signature being on your poppet in some way (over their forehead, on their shirt, etc) while casting.
  • Create an emblem or sigil to represent your target in a graphics program with layers, then pick a sprite from a sprite sheet of the villager you're using. Crop the sheet to the sprite you're pen it in another layer. Shrink the sigil or emblem so it's all on the sprite (no pixels over the edges) and lower the opacity to 1%. Keep it open in the program and/or on your screen while casting the spell, depending on how you have things set up. (You could also do this with things like photos/profile pics/display pics.)
  • Recolor a sprite of your villager so the sprite has the same coloration as the person you're trying to do magic on while focusing on your intent. When done, keep it open and on the screen while casting (you could also draw the villager with the target's color scheme then leave it open or put it on your lap, depending on whether it's digital or traditional). Basically it's the fusion visualization ritual but for people with aphantasia or similar issues.

How Do You Pick A Villager To Use?

I use one of a couple methods. Here they are with examples.

  1. Personality- who matches your target the most? Some examples: my best friend writes, loves flowers and the ocean, and spends a ton of time in the library when she's able to, therefore I use Elliott to represent her. Another friend is generally very friendly, close to his family, likes music, and is very happy with being given free junk food but he's also a a little bit spoiled/oblivious/immature sometimes, so I use Sam for him. And so on. This is my preferred method but obviously sometimes it doesn't work out because there's only a few villagers and a lot of different personalities out there.
  2. Strong emotions- If you're trying to cast a healing spell or blessing or something, use the villager who you have the strongest positive feelings towards. And if you're trying to cast a binding spell, hex, etc., go for the villager who brings out the strongest negative emotions in you.
  3. Birthdays- counting this as its own method is cheating a little, honestly, because it works best used in combination with one of the other two methods. I divide each month in game into three periods: early (days 1-10), mid (11-20), and late (21-28), and will pick the best personality match/strongest emotions from the characters born in that period. If I know my target's actual birthday, Let's say someone I'm trying to do magic on is born on July 18 and I don't have a close enough personality match for option 1, and I want something a little more personal than option 2. I'd say that's the middle of summer and the mid-Summer period gives me three characters to work with- Alex, Sam, and Demetrius. I'd either pick the character who brings out the strongest relevant emotions in me or the one whose personality best matches my target.

So How Do You Clear The Programmed Poppets For Another Spell?

If you've done visualization the easiest way to do this is to visualize it coming undone then end the day in game to clear the slate, in my experience. If you've done something in a graphics program, clear the layer or close the program, if there's a drawing tear that out or throw it away, etc., before ending the day.

What If You've Cast A Curse?

Then I like to cleanse my whole Switch.

My preferred method is to shut the console down entirely then use sound cleansing since I have a bell that works great for it, but there's a bunch of other methods you could do. You could enchant your device's charger/power cord to cleanse any spell residue and charge your device magically alongside powering it physically, you could put charged crystals with purifying or neutralizing correspondences by your device (just... be careful to do some research and make sure they're not magnetic or otherwise harmful to electronics first), there's all kinds of options here.

Really, the only things I would not recommend doing are smoke cleansing (potentially not great for your electronics), salt cleansing (it can be super corrosive and I don't know if that's good for anything either) or water cleansing (don't electrocute yourself or fry your stuff lol)

Blazing Barrier

*A fire protection spell to protect your workspace during rituals and other spellwork*

What You Need

  • 5 white tea light candles (protection)
  • chalk/ powder/ something to draw a protective circle (I used my protection powder- x )
  • Amber or Quartz crystal (also protection)

What To Do

  1. Begin as always, grounding, centering and preparing yourself for spellwork however you do so.
  2. Begin by choosing an area to do the work in. You will be protecting a specific space as well as creating a protective gem to carry around with you. In that area, draw/ outline/ trace the circle with whatever you’re using. My circle was about 4 feet in diameter, centered on me and covering my altar and my general work area in front of it.
  3. Place the tea lights. You can make a pentagram (star) with them, or place them in the cardinal directions plus one in the center. Sit at the center of the circle with the gem at the center with you. 
  4. Light the candles, one at a time. As you light each one, take a moment to look into the flame. Focus on its heat, its light, its movement. One by one, light them all, envisioning a wall of fire and light building up between every candle, forming a wall or orb around you as you do so.
  5. Sit in the center once they are all lit and say “Wall of fire, wall of light, burn strong, burn bright, keep out all ill, burn it away, protect me, protect this space.”
  6. Hold the gemstone up so that you can see the flame reflecting on it or in it. Visualize that firelight within the gem, as if it lives there. That flame belongs to the gem, within the gem. It is the source of the fire, its warmth and light.
  7. Sit and breath steady, still focusing on the flames around you until you feel the space is protected. Visualize any negative energy or influences touching the barrier around you getting burned away. Nothing can be within that space that you do not allow. When you are done, either extinguish the candles or let them burn out.

*carry the gem with you whenever you feel you need a barrier or protection from something/ someone. When you do so, and actively need protection, hold the gem in your hand and envision that you are surrounded in the light and orb of fire that you were in during the spell.

Good Luck and Happy Casting Witches!


The Basil Druid

Magic & Music, Music & Magic

Tw: religion, swear words

Since audio-based media (except for things like podcasts) is usually very different from visual-based media, your approach to pop culture magic will likely be very different with music.


One of the first topics to touch on are acoustic sigils, an idea that I found from Wolf Of Antimony Occultism on Tumblr. They go through an entire process that almost anyone can follow. They even include a link that allows one to download the audio-editing software Audacity.


Lyrics of songs can be used as chants for spells, spells themselves, and reminders of things you’re trying to manifest or draw to you. Especially lyrics that are awesome.

Songs with or without lyrics can be used to add a little boost to spells. Thematically appropriate songs are the best for this, but specific instruments and sounds have their own correspondences. Bells are often used for receiving messages, while drumming is good for rhythm and trances.

Additionally, there are tons of sounds and songs that people hold up as beneficial for things like meditation or astral travel. For example, nature sounds are very popular for meditation, while binaural beats are recommended for astral travel.


Music as a whole is associated with the planet Neptune, the color green, and the astrological sign Pisces. As an offering to deities, music and song is a great one if you’re going for a non-material offering. Pretty much every deity has specific instruments or themes they like, so music with those instruments or themes are awesome offerings. Some people even make full playlists for their deities.

Some deities are associated with music as a whole, including Bes (Egyptian), Apollo (Greek & Roman), the Muses (Greek), Saraswati (Hindu & Buddhist), Benzaiten (Buddhist), Hathor (Egyptian), Bast/Bastet (Egyptian), and Cerridwen (Celtic), among many more from other cultures and religions.


You know what else works with music? Visual pop culture media that comes with soundtracks. Movies, TV shows, video can incorporate the music itself into your practice for whatever purpose you want, whether it’s the ones outlined in this infodump or anything that you come up with!

SOURCES (tw appropriation of chakras)


a spell jar and sigil to help meet your idol whether that be a single person or a group


  • basil - prosperity, love
  • bay - success, wish-craft
  • strawberry leaves - luck, dedication, love
  • ginger - love, power
  • cinnamon - love, speeds up spells, success
  • dandelion leaves - luck, wish-craft
  • candle (i used a white one)
  • green glitter - i associate green with luck
  • green sharpie - same thing as glitter

  1. light the candle and play play your favourite songs from the artist/band, tv show or movie with them etc
  2. put all the ingredients in the jar and imagine that you’re meeting them
  3. create a sigil using your preferred method that says - “i will meet — soon”
  4. in the green sharpie draw the sigil on the front and back of the jar and write the name/s of your idol 4 times on the lid (i wrote WDW)
  5. blow out the candle and pour the molten wax on top of the jar

Good Luck

Leerie’s Lantern 🕯️

A spell sachet to be used when you’re feeling lost in life--literally or metaphorically

Inspired by the song “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” from Mary Poppins Returns

“So when life is getting scary, be your own illuminary

Who can shine the light for all the world to see

As you trip a little light fantastic with me”

Ingredients needed: 

🕯️ A sachet (preferably dark blue or maroon)

🕯️ A pocket flashlight (that can fit in the sachet)

🕯️ Citrine (for brightness and positive energy)

🕯️ Tiger’s eye (for self-motivation and a warrior’s spirit)

🕯️ Selenite (for peace and enlightenment)

🕯️ Yellow glitter (for happiness and success)

🕯️ Orange glitter (for fun and intellectual matters)

🕯️ Gold glitter (for fast luck and a positive attitude)

🕯️ Something to play music on (it’s best to listen to the song while performing the spell)


🕯️ Focus on your intent and whatever’s making you feel lost

🕯️ Place citrine, tiger’s eye, and selenite around the sachet in a triangular formation

🕯️ Place the flashlight on top of the sachet

🕯️ Focus on putting the energy from the crystals into the flashlight, charging it with positive energy

🕯️ Once ready, place the flashlight in the sachet and think/say, “A leerie loves the edge of night, though dim, to him the world is bright”

🕯️ Add the selenite to the sachet and think/say, “He’s got the gift of second sight”

🕯️ Add the citrine and think/say, “To trip a little light fantastic”

🕯️ Add the tiger’s eye and think/say, “A leerie’s job’s to light the way”

🕯️ Add the yellow glitter and think/say, “To take the night and make it day”

🕯️ Add the orange glitter and think/say, “We mimic the moon, yes, that’s our aim”

🕯️ Add the gold glitter and think/say, “For we’re keepers of the flame”

🕯️ As you seal the sachet, think/say, “So when troubles are incessant, simply be more incandescent, for your light comes with my lifetime guarantee”

🕯️ Whenever you’re feeling lost, shake the sachet on every syllable as you think/say, “Trip a little light fantastic with me”

Oof hopefully this is good and it works--this is my first spell! I just saw Mary Poppins Returns today and loved it and immediately thought I could make a spell out of this song.

Feel free to reblog!