Crack idea:

I'm just imagining one of the queens to ask Anna to flex and when she does you can hear various choking sounds and see the queens turning varying degreed of crimson. Like it was inspired by @bitchme-2 's post, Will link it. It might be their gay awakening or they can acknowledge that Anna is pretty. Can you tell that I'm heavily projecting?

hmm... something like:

Kat: Hey Anna

Anna, looking up: what's up?

Kat: I need to prove something to the queens right now.

Anna: ...okay so what is it?

Kat: Flex your arm.

Anna: why?

Kat: just do it

*Anna flexes*

The rest of the queens: *chokes*

Kat, blushing and stammering: T-Thanks Anna.

Anna, grinning: No problem

I just feel like i cannot do a single thing until I wrote out what happened with my ex. I feel completely clogged and broken down. I know this isn't exactly the same as journaling but here we go.

The timeline; five and a half years ago, Charlie and I got together. Two years later in early 2018 we moved in together after getting engaged. It was always an unconventional relationship structure; we're polyam, we've both got other partners, and I was very clear that I wanted to continue living with my queerplatonic life partner as well, so the three of us moved into together. We approached it carefully; I had said I never wanted to cohabit with a partner again, they weren't sure if it suited them. So we got a three bedroom place, everyone got a bedroom and Charlie got the garage as their study/rumpus room so they could have plenty of space for their computer and independence from me.

We'd been living together for a year, when out of the blue they told me they wanted to move out, citing not feeling like they had enough space from me, and being able to hear me have sex with my other partners was distressing as our bedrooms shared a wall. Up until this point I thought we'd been sharing fairly successfully for a pair of mentally ill, depressed people doing their best to support each other and share a bit of joy where we could. I was heartbroken and felt like this had been dropped on me out of nowhere. They'd never mentioned any issues or told me that hearing my sex life was upsetting them, or tried to bring me into that thought process at all. I told them off for making a unilateral decision about our relationship and living situation, and they agreed to stay and try and work on the issues instead of just leaving. This got long, more under the cut.

Ok i keep seeing Winter x Robyn stuff, Winter x May, now a bit of. winter x Fiona, I’m guessing we wait for the Winter x Joanna stuff...BUT what if...

Happy Huntress x Winter Schnee 👀

Mainly cause winter will need more then one person holding her down from doing self destructive stuff aslo ALL THE SNUGGLES!!!

Also they all turn into gay disasters when Winter uses her flamy maiden eyes

[Anne and Cathy are kissing]

Anna, drunk: [moves Anne away from Cathy so she can kiss Cathy]

Cathy, also drunk: [kisses Anna like she was kissing Anne]

Cathy, finally opening her eyes: WOAH, WHAT THE FUCK? I thought I was kissing Anne!

Anne, also drunk, now laying on the ground: I thought so too.

Anonymous asked:

If it's not too much trouble, a Stolas and Stella poly with a butterfly demon

Poly Stolas and Stella with a butterfly demon s/o

  • They both admire your beauty and get you decorations that go along with the patterns on your wings
  • Stella tends to try to get you go to a professional to get your wings taken care of, she knows they are delicate abs she wants them to look their best at all times
  • Stolas puts little gems on your wings so when they move they look like little stars, both of them adore your wings, they are so cute!
  • They love your soft fur, it’s perfect for cuddles! You’re the best pillow!
  • They both give you lots of sweets and flowers since those are what you tend to feed off of
  • Stella loves to groom your fur and let you groom her feathers. Stolas doesn’t mind it but he’s not as good at it, he prefers to style your fur
  • Dates are pretty common since they already live together and know each other’s schedules, you’re the only one they need to find out the schedule of
  • They fight a lot less when your around, you tend to just be calming for them to be around