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Hi everyone! I am new to tumblr and will be posting things relating to angelcore, lovecore, cottagecore, coquette, poetry, selfies, lingerie, diary entries, occasionally nsfw, and more! I am looking for blogs to follow and mutuals so like/reblog for me to check out your blog and I hope you’ll check out mine :)
We create devils within one another without realizing it, and you have the habit of touching my skin and putting rose petals all over, but the next minute or hour they always start looking like ashes. I know you always tell me that you’re going to improve yourself for me, but your words are a gun and your actions are a bullet that triggers my mind to play hide and seek with my feelings. I want us to be good for one another because I’m so used to you helping me calm the fire that tries to burn my bones, but I think you just help the fire spread to my head and I think it’s running out of space, and I just don’t want to be burnt out completely just yet.

Alexa Evangelista, the book i’ll never finish writing

My whole life  I revolved around others because I  was too scared to  revolve around  myself because  I created too  many black and  blue thunderstorms, and the thing with that  is I didn't want to lose myself more.

Alexa Evangelista, the book i’ll never finish writing

She found the strength to stand up for herself.

This was something she hadn't done often.

She threw the game;

She never wanted to play.

Broken, not shattered, she mustered the strength to walk away.

She held her head high as the tears of sorrow poured through her soul.

//Amanda Mateja

Last night you told me that I should let you go because you’re not good for me. The thing is don't you think I know that? We’ve been through a red storm of emotions. We’ve been swimming through fire at a slow paced for too long. You’ve kissed me too many times with lips that taste like another girl’s lipstick. I’ve smelled someone else’s skin on your neck. Last night you told me that I should let you go because you’re not good for me. I said “No.” you walked away and yelled, “It’s over.” But the next day your legs were wrapped around mine in bed. “Is this ever going to really end?” She said.

Alexa Evangelista, the book i’ll never finish writing 

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any poem blogs you would like to recommend?

I recall doing a round of this a while ago, but I can’t find the post at the moment. With the caveat that 1) I am certainly not connected to every poetry blog on this website and 2) I am almost guaranteed to forget someone as I make this list, here’s a short list of some great blogs I know that write poetry! (Some of them are exclusively poetry, some of them post other content as well.)

"You don't really love me. You're just with me to make yourself believe that you're feeling something," he said. He grabbed her hand and kissed her blueberry chapped lips and said, "But I'm with you because I hope that'll someday change. You know? I love you like the sky loves the moon and the stars, and I hope someday you can feel that beneath your bones, and know that love isn't something that comes and goes, but it can be something that actually doesn't run away." "I just don't want to make any promises because I don't want to be like them," she said and left the air smelling bittersweet.

Alexa Evangelista, the book I'll never finish writing 

the ocean is a lover who i drown in

take me to the ocean. 

she’s missed me far too long,

crashing against the rocks,

breaking and spinning, 

yearning to have me in her waters once more.

take me to the ocean.

she’s called to me,

miles away, 

promising kisses and love,

as vast as her waters and as deep.

but i know she is the mother of sirens,

and those waters are cold--

and all too ready to drown me

so i stay just a bit longer.

I miss you. I miss your touch, I miss looking at your face, I miss the way your face light up whenever you got too excited. I miss our phone calls. I miss our "good morning" and "good night" texts. I miss our long conversations about anything and everything. I miss your kisses. I miss your lips. I miss your brown eyes that always reminded me of milk chocolate. Its strange because I never thought brown eyes were beautiful until I saw yours. I miss our laughs, and tickle attacks. I miss being in your arms. Feeling like no one can do no harm. I miss sleeping next to you. Feeling as though I was in my own little heaven. Between the little arguments, and the happiness I felt. I wouldn't have asked for anything more. Instead, life had a different plan. Your feelings changed, and you thought you weren't ready. Leaving me broken hearted. Although, you have moved on. I can't help but sit here writing this. Telling you; how much I miss you. I miss the kissie attacks. I miss holding your hand, and exploring the city. I miss our adventures. And our silly little jokes that only we understood. I miss your dorky laugh, and the way you corrected my words whenever I messed up. I miss your hugs, I miss your smile, I miss being the reason for it. I miss all of the memories we made. Maybe these didn't make a big impact in your life. But for me? These are the memories I will hold on like treasures. For I have learned, That no matter what happens in the future. You had made a big impact in my life. Teaching me lessons that I will forever be grateful for. Thank you for everything you have done for me. For I have learned that if you love someone sometimes letting go is for the best. So to my bubbas, This is my final goodbye.

This ones for you Bubbas. // My Writing🌸

Anonymous asked:

Hi Eve! I was wondering if you could recommend a few of your favorite Tumblr poets for me. I love your work, the atmosphere, the emotions, I can't get enough and I'm curious to discover other poets that you enjoy.

I would also recommend you follow poetry reblog sites like @writerscreed @poeticstories @poetryclub13 @poetryriot @savage-words @poetselixir @poetryportal @brokensoulsreborn @starlitpoems @writtenconsiderations . Following these blogs has allowed me to find some new jewels. They do an awesome job of getting the work of new upcoming poets out there so good luck and happy reading to you! 

P. D. Thank you for your words of encouragement. They mean the world to me! ❤

Dear Poetry Bloggers

I'm not sure how I ended up following so many poetry blogs, but I suddenly find such beautiful glimpses of spilled thoughts and I feel bad that the only thing I can do to respond is reply with more lines of poetry. I feel like some of the poets I respond to are going to hate me for it ??? but I honestly mean it as my highest form of compliment. Like a "hey, I liked your words so much they inspired words from me too!" But I don't know if that is what they hear from me.