i wonder if he knows that his existence

makes it easier for me to live

it’s not fair to put the warranty

of my life on another human being

so i’ll never tell him this,

but i hope he knows that i adore him

knowing him makes me wish for

brighter days

the sun never burns when i’m around him

adore // kira malibu

We feel one another dream, as if they crossed vast distances and touched, to feel when one soul is longing for you, time and distance become helpless, as if hearts touch I can feel her presence upon my skin, I can smell her in the air, and I know she’s thinking of me, my heart tells me in smiles, in ways only I know, ways I know it’s her and her alone. ~ B.T.

You all forget us.

We see it.

We see it in your flying cars and rovers to Mars.

We see it in your pipelines and how you disregard life signs.

How can you innovate and yet forget who it’s for?

You push us to assimilate.

To embrace your change.

To reshape our lives.

You Persuade us to forgive your mistakes as you try to upgrade and escape.

You leave us

Abandoned on a wasteland you created for profit.

You forget us

As we no longer are apart of your future to build and sell.

You deem us unremarkable.


Our dreams and talents wasted as we are not builders of machines.

Nor laborers for your dreams.

You leave us nothing.

But we are writers

and poets

and teachers

and believers

and we have created more from less.

So you forget us.

You will remember soon.

I look at her with so much love

While bright eyes stare right back

A smile pulls at my face

As I think of calling her my wife one day

-Wife- that term and her combined make me giddy

I feel so high, free and alive around her

Every touch sparks a feeling deep within me

I’ve never been so greedy towards someone’s attention but I don’t feel the slightest bit of remorse

She brings me peace

Finally I have a home within my person

My one true

My love