The signs: Top or bottom

Aries: power bottom Taurus: really vanilla top Gemini: kinky switch Cancer: service top Leo: submissive top Virgo: probably a bottom Libra: switch Scorpio: dominant top Sagittarius: top Capricorn: bottom af Aquarius: switch Pisces: bottom

ok this post is for everyone that gets hacked and posts the ray ban scam thing

after changing your password, go to queue and delete the other posts that they added in there. there were 4 of the same post in my queue and so it would’ve tagged everyone again if i didn’t delete it

sorry if this doesn’t make sense i’m not amazing at english

Can we stop blaming neurotypicals for getting stim toys banned just by using them?

Might be old news but I keep seeing posts about how neurotypicals are assholes because they use stim toys when they don’t “need” them like y’all. FIDGET SPINNERS ARE NOT PRESCRIPTION. Fidget toys are for anybody who needs to fidget and that’s, like, most children and a shit-ton of adults, many of whom are neurotypical and just like messing with stuff while they work.

I was in 5th grade when the whole fidget spinner craze started and let me tell you, the beginning of that era was a time of peace in my class. I was in a class with many of the less well-behaved kids (troublemakers and bullies) but so much less trouble was made around the time of fidget spinners! Kids could put their energy into something! and it felt nice to trade them too!

But my neurotypical teacher banned them because she didn’t understand what they were for and didn’t like the whirring noise and shit started back up.

Neurodivergent people are not the only people who need to fidget ever in their lives. Neurotypical people (especially kids) have steam to blow off.

(sidenote: just because somebody doesn’t have a diagnosis or “seem” neurodivergent to you doesn’t mean they aren’t... especially in cases with kids, where it’s hard for them to get a diagnosis because wtf are they supposed to do? most ND kids don’t even know their experience isn’t normal for a long time. So maybe just let people fidget and don’t make people feel shitty for using something that helps them.)

- Jill, a girl with autism and ADHD who fidgets a lot.

i'm practically crying reading about this because I was forced in a mental hospital like the ones talked about at age 14. it gave me permanent trauma. if I ever go inpatient again, even at a facility not horrible like the old one, I become hysterical and try to escape.

do you want to know why I started opposing capitalism? THIS. the fucking greed and torture of for-profit healthcare.

by the way, there is a petition to shut down the mental hospital in the article I linked if you want to sign it. people are still getting hurt.

direct your ableism discourse on tumblr towards something that fucking matters. mentally ill people don't deserve to be hurt and dehumanized for profit.