DANYA!!!! I THINK U ARE SO INCREDIBLY COOL I really like the way you talk idk why . You are so incredibly talented!!!! Your art is so lovely to look at and i can tell you put a lot of heart into your poetry! Also even if we haven't talked a whole lot I just look up to you!!! You are like. A cool big brother. Very Epic Friend In All!!!


Athena: What are your favorite classic novels?

Hmm! A lot of classic literature is really hard for me to understand, so I don't really read it a whole lot unless I have to bc of school and all. But from what I've read, I like Of Mice and Men! And from ones that I've read before but haven't ever finished: Dracula, and To Kill A Mockingbird!


darling, button, petal


darling -  what romantic gesture makes you feel the most loved?

my love language is Quality Time........

button - do you have a type? what is it like?

I love all women all nonbinary people and himbos but if they’re goth that’s a plus

petal - what’s your favourite smell or perfume?

I’m a fan of Gentlemen Only by Givenchy, I spritz it whenever I can at work


1. do you have a crush on anyone?

Not really! I don’t know if I really have crushes tbh lol I’ve definitely had many of them but currently I don’t.

2. what’s your favorite candy?

I loooove gummy bears and Reese’s!

3. favorite love song?

I wish I could narrow it down to one confidently but honestly any song by Lana Del Rey is golden. For right now, I’ll say Norman Fucking Rockwell.

4. what was your first kiss like?

It was spectacular. I love kissing so much, it’s my favorite thing to do with someone I care about! I have many friends who I gives little pecks to when I see them at parties and such.

5. what was your last kiss like?

It was good because it was a kiss, but tbh I don’t really like the person I kissed 😅

6. sexual/romantic orientation?

Im a straight woman!

Thank you for asking 💕☺️


12. favorite flowers?

lilies, although I can’t have them because of my cat and hibiscus. I love hibiscus. my dad named me after a hibiscus.

18. chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet?

always chocolate. red velvet is disgusting

21. favorite dating sim (and favorite character)?

I love Damien from Dream Daddy

38. what’s your OTP?

right now it’s JonMartin TMA

46. favorite liquor?

I’m a big fan of Angry Orchard Iceman, it’s sweet but it’s sold nowhere near here and I can’t get it delivered no matter what site I go to. it’s all I want all the time always. Downeast can’t hold a fucking candle.


1) Do you have a crush on anyone?

Yes, but I doubt they know it.

2) What’s your favorite candy?

Atomic Fireballs! Or Hot Tamales. Both are v. good

3) Favorite love song?

I struggled to think of a song I like that qualifies and I’m still not 100% sure this counts but I want to go with Honeybee by Steam Powered Giraffe

10) Favorite milkshake flavor?

Mint by a mile but since it’s not super common I’ll settle for strawberry

11) Dinner dates or brunch dates?

Dinner dates for sure, I’m not a huge fan of brunch anyway.

12) Favorite flowers?

Buttercups and Forget-me-nots :)

13) Favorite perfume/cologne?

I’ve never worn any so I genuinely don’t know. The kind that smells nice?