jennifer tilted her head to the side curiously she heard the sound of a rickety wooden roller coaster in the distance. its passengers screaming in mock terror. she knew that sooner or later they would realize that the ride wasn't stopping and they were all going to die.

Pig Destroyer - Girl in the Slayer Jacket

The girl in the Slayer jacket gave me my first kiss when I was in the seventh grade She used to smoke weed with my older sister in the woods behind the arcade She had thick skin but if you cut her the wound would bleed forever

She hung herself from an overpass down in Mclean where the old trees loom Her parents tried to sue Slayer, they blamed her boyfriend and PCP But the truth is her eyes had been dead since she was five She just hadn't disposed of her body

My knuckles are bleeding on your front door and these flowers are wilting in the rain. They were for you and now they are for no one. They are irrelevant as mercenaries in times of peace. They are smoke twisting off the lips of a movie star. Here is a boy with paper skin who longs to touch the girl of broken glass. She loves it when he wears his skin like that. In tatters.