Remember when I started a titans portrait series...well Shadow and Bone consumes all. P.S. crows come first.

Also, I'm adding the order of when I'll be painting, and I'll add the links as I finish each!

Kaz | Inej | Jesper | Nina | Matthais | Mal | The Darkling | Alina

[Image Description: A digital painting of Kaz Brekker. He is pale and harsh looking off to the side with his coat collar popped and his hair a-skewed . End ID]

An illustration for an upcoming book to be published by Nypon förlag in August, Fakta om sex (”Facts about sex”). This one picture is supposed to show young people a realistic image of how sex can be: not always perfect, sometimes silly.

The original version of this got deleted, because apparently an educational image for young people is too raunchy for tumblr, even if nothing nsfw was visible. I think it’s sad that a realistic queer image like this gets deleted, while so much over-sexualized and sexist imagery gets to stay. The original image can be seen on my other social media!