[ID: Grayscale gifs of the Tomorrow Is scene from the Spongebob musical. On the left side of the stage is Patrick with the sardines, on the right are Plankton and Karen, and in the center is Spongebob and Sandy with various side characters, such as Mr. Krabs, Mrs. Puff, and the mayor.
As they sing, the ensemble turns their worried expressions to a large clock elevated above them. They then huddle up and lean back together, with their hands raised as in a fearful gesture. Finally, they straighten their posture and their arms and sing towards the audience, still looking scared. End ID.]

                                 The sun has sunk below us.

                                    The dark of night is here.

                                The hands of time keep ticking.

                                      Tomorrow’s almost here.

                                    Almost here. Almost here!