How to work with crystals

1. Passive

Not much work needed. Add stones near you whether it’s in a piece of jewelry you wear, on your night stand, on your desk at work, etc. Allow the stone’s energy radiate towards you and your space.

2. Active

Hold your stone of choice and set your intention on the stone.

3. Resonating

Hold your stone of choice in your non-dominate hand. Feel the energy from the stone. Feel the energy rush through up your arm, through your body and push your energy back to the stones.

4. Protect

The highest form of stonework. Must master the first three before successfully protecting your stones. 

Become the stone and radiate it those around you. Share yourself with the world. Be the loving Rose Quartz to others, you can also be the protective Black Tourmaline to someone around you. 

Shipping yuetara is conflicting because I, as a lesbian, love sapphic ships and will take whatever table scraps I can get, not to mention the symbolism and the parellels. But at the same time, I can’t see Aang with anyone but Katara, and I don’t want him to be alone :(

Hemlo! If you is still taking requests, can we get Passive Nootmare, SwapDream Nootmare/DreamSwap Nootmare (feel free to pick which ever one you know better), Regular goopmare, and EmpireVerse Nootmare?

It's chill if you only pick 2 of the nootmares instead of them all. I just want nootception.


The boys

Anonymous asked:

Hi, mbti notes, I hope you had a good break. I’ve noticed I can be a bit passive. I’m not always aware of it but every once in a while it’ll become apparent. For example, at work, I’ll register something in my mind (the customer needs clarification, the trash bin is full) but what I DON’T register is that I should/could act on it. It is only when a coworker jumps in to solve it, OR say something about it, that I realize, “Oh. I guess I could’ve done something/said something, too.”

[con’t: It is a little frustrating when I realize they said something I was already thinking but I just kept it to myself. Like I was one step away from being a more proactive worker. Not sure where this stems from. Maybe my introversion, maybe also the fact that growing up, my parent took responsibility for nearly everything. They are the I-don’t-trust-anyone-else-to-do-this-right type and doesn’t-accept-help type. So around the house I didn’t cook and rarely did chores. When I suggested getting a job as a teen they said I should just focus on school instead. In retrospect I realize I should’ve gone for the job and done more chores but I think my Ni was in overdrive — I was way more focused on writing, TV shows, and movies instead. I didn’t know what being independence or taking responsibility meant. This has kind of become a bad thing in adulthood (early twenties). I have an INTJ family member that’s VERY tidy, so when I’m messy, they make a note of it. I’ve been trying to be more aware. When I register a mess, I tell myself, “Don’t just walk past it, clean it.” So I’ve gotten a lot better. But every once in a while I miss something. Like I registered a fruit was going bad in the fruit bowl but put off throwing it away until my tidy family member discovered that it had mold on it. And in my head I’m like, “I could’ve just thrown it out the moment I noticed it was going bad. Why didn’t I?” And I really don’t know. Is this typical for an INFJ (my type)? How do I practice acting on my instincts?]

since it is technically the 8th, here’s the first prompt for the week-!

the context for why passive and ink are there? a very very long and complicated rp on discord that i don’t think we’re ever going to “conclude”. it’s been a lot of fun and despite them not being biologically related that doesn’t matter because we only do found family here

does this fit the valentine's theme at all? no. did i have fun with it & decide to post it anyway? heck yeah. might've forgotten the fandom names for the gasters but i hope y'all enjoy

you can also read it down below instead!

Sigil Type: Active/Passive

Method: Boolean

Meaning: Assist in muscle growth

Planetary Correspondences: Mars/Sun

Directional Correspondences: East

Color Correspondences: Red/Orange

Numerology: 3/6/9

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