No husband of mine will say, "I could have been a drummer, but I had to think about the wife and kids. You know how it is." Nobody supports me at the expense of his own adventure. - Maxine Hong Kingston (b. October 27, 1940)

She is a Chinese-American author and Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, where she graduated with a BA in English in 1962. Kingston has written three novels and several works of non-fiction about the experiences of Chinese immigrants living in the United States. She has contributed to the feminist movement with such works as her memoir The Woman Warrior, which discusses gender and ethnicity and how these concepts affect the lives of women. Kingston has received several awards for her contributions to Chinese American Literature including the National Book Award in 1981 for her novel China Men.

Calling all tabletop rpg players

I'm trying to play a made up game with a couple of 5 year olds. They'll face one monster per session, and I need some ideas for monsters. Defeating the monster can't be too complicated (the dragon is pushing it and will likely be saved for a later session) or they will lose interest.

What I've got so far:

  • Ghost: destroys property. Must talk to it to find out what will make it go away.
  • Dragon: keeps taking people's stuff. Must get the town together to fight it.
  • Argumentor: makes people fight with each other. Being kind and sharing defeats it.
  • Doldrums: make people very sad. To defeat the Doldrums, be silly at them. To cute the people, give them hugs.

Today is the first day The Child’s virtual classes are going to be every block all day, five days a week, instead of alternating between synchronous and asynchronous on a Tuesday-Thursday and Wednesday-Friday schedule.  They’re doing this because the traditional kids are going back to school full time, and they didn't want the virtual kids to get left behind


I’ve suspected the virtual kids were actually a bit ahead

and I overheard The Child razzing one of his traditional-schooling friends for being a unit behind the virtual kids in history class


At least this week is only three days (because of teacher vaccination scheduling) and next week is spring break.  After that, it’s 12 weeks minus a few days until the school year is over.

We’ll see if he gets into virtual for next year (his grades are decent, so, if the district wants, as I suspect they do, to make sure the testing coming out of the virtual students stays good, he’ll probably get a spot)

What Kind of “Parents” Are These?

Note to parents: If your kid is asexual and/or aromantic, you are NOT entitled to grandchildren, you have NO right to try to push them into relationships or get them to “like” people as more than friends. 

Yours is not a royal family in medieval times: There are NO arranged marriages.

Any thought contradicting what I just typed is like treating your family as dolls for your amusement, as if now you wanted to collect some “grandkid” dolls. Grow up yourselves and stop treating your own children as Ken and Barbie dolls. 

You’re doing damage to your kids. If them being ace and/or aro is a problem to you, you need to learn to love them as them, NOT as a character in a script you wrote.

Some say young people are too much wrapped up in imagination, but if you’re a parent who pushes your kids into relationships they don’t want, you’re the one living in an imaginary world in which their relationships and their children (or lack of them) are somehow your decision- but they’re not and never were- this is not a dollhouse or a role playing game. This is real life.

Most fundamentally: You have no right to ask "why” your kid doesn’t “like” boys/girls or want a relationship. They are not hurting anyone, so it’s NONE of your business!

Anonymous asked:

hey! I was wondering if you know of any recent fics where mickey and ian have kids? need that family fluff!

Hi! We have a parent tag that is pretty full. Really, lots of fics with Yev and/or OC children :) Relatively recent fics (considering date updated, not date posted) are:

Moni Gallagher Milkovich A series of four one-shots about Ian and Mickey’s daughter. The one-shots are not in chronological order, so you can scroll and choose what age do you wanna read about ;)

How Long Will I Love You When the captivating single dad of the new kid at his daughter’s school waltz into their lives Ian has to choose what’s best for his daughter but when the heart wants what it wants, Gallaghers fall irrevocably in love.

Cadence, a part of the Rhythm series. This is a mpreg fic where Mickey and Ian struggle to add another kid to their family.

Uptown Boy Northside Ian meets Southside Mickey AU. Mickey takes care of Yevgeny, and this is one of the many things Ian has to accept about Mickey’s life.

Hardwired It takes Mickey several months - months - of straightening shit out in his own head before he comes to the conclusion that he wants to at least tryreintroducing himself to Yevgeny.

Quality Alone Time

Me: "You know all the online jokes about people using their smartphones while in the bathroom?"
Luke: [age 16] "Yeah?"
Me: "I'm in a Facebook 'dad group' with thousands of other guys, so I posted this question: are you sitting on the toilet right now as you read this?"
Luke: "What did they say?"
Wife: "I'm not sure I want to know."
Me: "This is hardly a formal survey, but: out of roughly 130 responses so far, at least 60 were yes. That's 46%."
Wife: "Why would anyone do that?"
Me: "Several of them noted that they had small children, and the bathroom was the only place they could get some peace and quiet."
Luke: "Makes sense to me."
Wife: "You've always used the bathroom for alone time. You used to have big adventures in there."
Luke: [shrugging] "I mean... where else can you get quality alone time in the 21st century?"