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There are several business models on Youtube, from traditional ads to Youtube Premium subscriptions, YouTubers have some different options to win something (not much) with their thousands of views on their videos.

The thing is that more and more professionals decide to leave the platform due to the low revenue it generates and to avoid it Google has to add new features that help capture them on your network.

According to Bloomberg one of those features is an online store. The media has uncovered a report stating that YouTube is asking creators to tag and track the products that appear in their videos, which will be linked to Google’s analytics and purchasing tools. The ultimate goal is for Google to sell items directly through YouTube, rather than just advertising articles from other sites. A YouTube spokesman confirmed that the company is testing the functionality with a handful of channels, but refused to share more details.

The most likely implementation of this feature would be based on Google Shopping, which is already tightly integrated with Search.

If we have a product in the video, it could be tagged and shipped to Google Shopping, a unified storefront for thousands of retailers, large and small.

It is not yet known what the revenue in this regard would look like for the Youtuber, although if it maintains the percentage of the ads, it will surely be around 60% of the profits (not the price of the product), something similar to what Amazon pays with its affiliate program.

October 12, 2020 at 03:53PM by Lktechsky.com


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