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Cute protip now that we're being hit with the second wave lockdown and recommencing zoom,* set a routine * to help start your day and ensure at the very least *minimal productivity* and *beat procrastination* briefly cos let's be honest we know we're never gonna check off all the shit on the to do list and anxiety fuels us.

Start your day with *a solid breakfast*. It's the fastest, most basic way to jet-start your day. It's better if you do a similar breakfast everyday, simpler the better. You'll wake up and within a week you'll start making the breakfast without even thinking. You'll eat and watch tiktoks for at least half an hour with it and by the time you finish you'll have energy and a what do I now attitude so hit them books or your first zoom meeting.

I usually fry an egg and have two toasts with it. Easy and filling. Also wards off snacking tendencies for a while.

The thing with productivity is you need a warm up period like sports. And the the thing with procrastination is the anxiety associated with beginning a task because you're not sure of exactltyyyyy what you have to do and you're to fail.

So a baseline tactic is to start with something you can absolutely do, maybe copying notes, or listening to a short lecture or marking answers in your book.

Once you're done with the half hour warm up you'll build confidence in yourself. Now break off *that task* into parts and start doing each in the same sitting because that half hour period is usually bound to develop into at least an hour or two of productivity. Also keep your brain shutoff don't think about the task just do it.





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