I’ve been pretty much incapable of art this month but retreated yesterday to the safe space of my Greek Mythology story and was able to pump some art out.

1st Page

Top: Myra, Hades, Zeus, Poseidon

Middle: Crux, Iviki

Bottom: Narcos, Mavros, Eidyllio

2nd Page

Top: Morpheus, Aphrodite, Jason

Bottom: Everett, Edmund, Charlie, Sammy

オリンパスレンズ付きレンズキャップ BCL-1580  15㎜F8.0(画角30㎜)をお迎えしました。

最初はG8にBCL-1580を装着する予定でしたが11年前に購入したGH1の方がしっくりきた。 写りがGH1の方が好み。 驚異的な軽さと薄さで持ち運びも楽。F8の暗いレンズで制限はあるけどそれが楽しくもある。

Baking Disaster

Summary: Zagreus decides to fill in for the baker at the café he works at. Little does he know, baking isn’t such a simple job.

A/N; Did you know that I’m a slut for coffee shop AUs? Well here you go!

The sweet smell of coffee and pastries filled the air as Zagreus walked into the café. It was a refreshing smell, something to look forward to on mornings like these.

It was much warmer inside compared to the cool air of the morning, Zagreus was feeling a bit chilly. He rubbed his hands together in an attempt to warm them up and made his way behind the counter. Where he saw a fast asleep Hypnos resting his head right next to the cash register. 

“Hypnos, wake up. What if customers saw you like this?” Zagreus asked softly as he shook Hypnos awake. The boy jumped up, rubbing his eyes wildly.

“I’m up! I’m up!” Hypnos said, stretching his arms out, “I was just resting my eyes. Yup. Just resting my eyes for the long day ahead.”