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Do you have any AU recs where Obi-Wan and Anakin met later? Like Anakin is the hot shot celebrity pod-racer or the bloody mouthed revolutionary or a moisture farmer?

I generally prefer when Obi-Wan and Anakin have known each other for some time before having a ‘oh, it’s him’ moment, so I unfortunately don’t have a lot of fics to rec (but wow you really made me want an AU with half-feral revolutionary Anakin who will not take any shit from outsiders who didn’t get involved in the slave business until it affected them, meeting prim and proper Jedi Obi-Wan sent to find a peaceful solution to the troubles in the outer rim) but I found these ones: 

AUs where Obi-Wan and Anakin met later:

→ Gold Collar, by JSwander, 22k. It was on my to-read list for months and I finally had times to read it recently, and wow, I wasn’t disappointed. General of the Empire Kenobi finds a pretty mechanic on Tatooine during a diplomatic mission and promptly decides that he likes him and wants to keep him. Anakin has zero objection. I really liked how I couldn’t completely grasp Obi-Wan’s character for a couple of chapters and Anakin was like, my baby from the start, so I felt like a weird overbearing mama reading this fic, constantly worrying for him like ‘Anakin, darling please be careful why are you giving your absolute trust to this stranger so easily?’ so I got invested really fast. I was also pretty interested in the plot, particularly the little bits of what happened in this universe to get Obi-Wan where he is now (and how clueless Anakin is to all of it because it didn’t really affect him), so really worth reading! 

→ Nor the Suns Themselves Brighter, by glimmerglanger, 26k. Post-Order 66, Obi-Wan is on the run with baby Luke and crashes on Tatooine where mechanic Anakin is here to rescue him. I haven’t read this one in some time, but I remember reaaaally liking the pacing, watching the development of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s relationship (Anakin taking care of Obi-Wan! Ahsoka constantly saying “hey master we should- oh kriff sorry please carry on making heart eyes at each other I’m leaving forever bye”! Being such dads with Luke!) and having as a bonus baby Luke, Shmi, Ahsoka and Rex. I adored the ending too, it leaves you dreaming about the possibilities of the adventures of this found-family in the Rebellion-era.  

→ CT-Skywalker, by Selcier, 37k, wip, but only missing an epilogue. Listen, LISTEN, IT’S A MULAN AU, DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? Anakin enrols in the GAR and impersonates a clone. Doesn’t plan on starting a love affair with his Jedi General, but, oh, well. 

→ Sun kissed, by Vee017, 96k, wip but only missing an epilogue. Obi-Wan isn’t a Jedi in this one but joined the AgriCorps, and finds a pleasure slave one day he can’t stop himself from buying. This is a lovely story about two lonely men who find comfort in each other, help each other grow, learn to let go of old griefs and choose each other. Also I loved the aesthetic of the lone but cosy house on a hill, surrender by grass and the ocean, and these two snuggled together on the couch inside with a warm cup of tea and Obi-wan complaining about Anakin’s droid that keeps eating his socks because ✨ domestic fluff ✨ 

→ Shaak Herding for the Troubled and Lonely, by  protos_metazu_ison, 41k, wip. Hermit Obi-Wan Kenobi who has no interest but also no choice but to join society again for one night, meets most powerful Force-user in the galaxy Anakin Skywalker, founder of his clan, husband of Senator Amidala and father of two promising children. Also, uncontrollable force in desperate need for help. Unfortunately for him, Obi-Wan is his best chance to finally restrain his power and not blow up his own house and family with it. I absolutely adore the worldbuilding in this one, this alternate version of the star wars universe is so interesting that the relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin isn’t even my main preoccupation when I read it. I also really enjoy the way Obi-Wan is seen by people, how he doesn’t contradict people basically calling him a slut when his main goal is to just go back to his hut and be left alone. But I’m also a bit conflicted because Anakin is married to Padmé in this one and loves her, and with Ahsoka and the twins, form a real family. Obi-Wan is trying not to get in the way, but I don’t know how this obvious attraction from the beginning between him and Anakin and their bond will play out with the conflict it creates in the dynamic of the family. I’m not into cheating fic and I don’t know how polyamory or an open relationship can work with the tension between all the characters in this fic, so I’ll advice to be cautious if like me you can’t deal with Obi-Wan getting in the middle of anidala. 

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curious soft boyfriend Vincent. I see Vincent being extremely curious about MC’s drawings, imagine her doodling some really modern shit(like a really chubby pikachu etc.) and he’s just like “owo? My angel can draw?” is very interested in the modern doodles Is too soft and will always leave small kisses on her when she draws, putting up her hair(so it doesn’t fall into her eyes), brings tea, sometimes takes his canvas out to paint beside her -Screm-Anon

hgrekdjtekr yessss oh my goodness

“Oh, ___, what are you drawing there? Hmm, I’m afraid I don’t know what a ‘Peeking choo’ is. Is it a modern art movement from your time?” .....yes Vincent, yes it is ghuierktner.

You’re just curled up on the couch in his room scribbling and doodling away, your tongue poking the side of your mouth in concentration. But it’s all taken away from you with the sudden yet impeccably soft kiss to your cheek before this beautiful blonde blue-eyes angel smiles at you and hands you a cup of tea.

Don’t work yourself too hard, ___. Let’s take a break for a bit.” He’ll say, sitting down next to you only to pull you atop his lap for sweet cuddles as you both sip tea and talk about anything and everything. BLESS THIS ANGEL MAN ;A;

y-yunho 15 😢😢 seonghwa i’m sorry look away


15; a gentle “i love you” whispered after a soft kiss, followed immediately by a stronger kiss

“Okay but hear me out. Since I’m taller than him, that means I take up a bigger place in your heart, right?” Yunho enters the room with the question on his lips, a single finger pointed directly at your face. You blink back with phone still in hand.

“Literally what are you even talking about right now?”

“I know he was your bias before I was, but I just think that it’s only logical to say that you like me more simply because I’m bigger than him!” It takes several moments for Yunho’s words to process even a little bit. When they do, your confused expression drops into a level deadpan.

“Yunho, are you serious?”

“Do I seem um, unserious right now?” The man protests through a delicate pout of his thin lips. You drop your phone, rolling your eyes so far back that you see nothing for a few seconds.

“That was a hypothetical situation! Wooyoung asked me who my biases would be if you all were in a boy group, and all I said was that Seonghwa would probably catch my eye first!”

“Your point? We are literally dating, so you mean to tell me that you wouldn’t notice me first?” Damn Yunho for being so good at pouting and giving puppy-dog eyes because you are melting once you meet his pathetic stare. You push off the couch and come closer to where he’s still standing at the entrance to the room, hands reaching up to clasp around his soft cheeks. You pinch the skin lightly just to mess with him a little before speaking again.

“If we’re dating, then that means that even in a hypothetical situation, I still like you most.” A grin overtakes your face as his pouting turns into a content gleam of pride. “You big dolt.” You deliver a quick kiss to his lips, only pulling back a centimeter to whisper your next words. “I love you, okay?”

Yunho’s lips are back on yours before you know it, and he answers your little confession with one of his own, one that’s spoken through the strength of his kiss.

razor and stak didn’t understand why they were stopping here, but they’d been serving general windu as long as . . . well, since the first battle of geonosis, and they trusted him entirely. though thus far it did just look like empty space. 

keep an eye open, men. 

it comes through over stak’s commlink, the text popping up in holo form, and he’s quick to type back an af. in response. they don’t need to ask for what; if the general told them to keep their eyes open, they’ll know what it is they’re looking for when they see it. 

it’s razor who sees it first, and the pilot shortly thereafter, turning the nose of the ship towards it. 

oh, stak signs, and razor nods once, both of them looking grimly at the body in plastoid armor, maroon and white, floating aimlessly. 

they joined the general in the hangar to find him holding what used to be ponds, and they stay back respectfully. razor remembers what the general had explained to him once about shatterpoints. and for a second, it seems like ponds might be his, the general’s collected countenance dropping for a second, looking pained and gently pressing his forehead to ponds’ own before reaching his hand over and sliding his commander’s eyes shut. 

and then it’s gone, and he’s looking back at the two of them as they come to sit with him.

silence has never been uncomfortable in the 91st, and none of them at the moment have anything to say, bowing their heads in memory. razor, stak, and ponds had all been serving with the general since the clones became a part of the clone wars. and now it’s just the three of us. 

oddly enough, it’s stak who breaks the silence. 

ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum. ponds. ‘

‘ ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum. ponds, ‘ razor repeats, and somehow, he isn’t surprised when he hears the general’s sonorous voice with his, saying the words of mourning. 

they don’t need to speak to know what to do. gently, the general sets ponds’ body back down, and stak and razor each fold one of his arms over his chest, windu gently easing ponds’ helmet back on. and for a moment, it looks almost as if he could get back up, and razor’s chest aches. 

mace turns around after another long moment. 

‘ tell the pilot to continue our flight back to coruscant. ‘