Idk why or if other ppl have experienced this but Ive recently atarted to have some issues with breathing when I try to go to sleep?? Im assuming its very anxiety related bc i tried some pills i got from my mom that soothes anxiety and shit and I stopped having that issue but I cant use those pills bc theyre not mine and theyre very addicting but its starting to annoy me. I can go the entire day with no breathing issues but thw moment i decide to go sleep i think i start tensing up and it effects my breathing. Thoughts??

Heaven For Everyone

Hell my Tumblr Lovely’s.

Welcome to that period over Christmas where no-one has a clue what day of the week it is! And lots of sleep happens!

Here is the next part in this Robyn and Taron story. Hope you all enjoy.

Suze xx

P.S I managed to convince the parents to watch Eddie the Eagle... Love this movie so much. Such a sweet movie.

P.P.S I don’t know Taron or his family and this is just a work of fiction.


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”

Clive was waiting outside for them, standing in front of the blacked-out car and he stepped forward to take the cases from Taron, who thanked him, moving to open the door of the car.

“After you.” He smiled to Robyn who lifted her dress a little and stepped into the car, shuffling over in the seat, allowing Taron to sit in beside her, closing the door after him with a slight bang. Once in the car, he turned to her and grinned widely. “I think fiery Robyn is my absolute favourite.”

“I couldn’t help it.” Robyn fluffed her dress out a bit so it sat better and then turned to face him, feeling the car move as it started to make its way towards Leicester Square. “Just leave it be. Don’t come grovelling after the shit caused. I know it wasn’t her fault but it has just had a ripple effect neither of us needed and it has spoilt our day a little.”

“Maybe this morning but not anymore.” Taron moved so he was sitting closer to her. “This is what I have been waiting for since I gave you those vouchers. Getting to share this moment with you.” He reached over to take her hands, being very careful with her right one. “I am so glad you said yes Robyn. I have said it before but Kingsman would never have been finished without you. I wouldn’t be here without you and you mean everything and more to me and I promise to keep you close to me all night. I mean we come as a pair, can’t break this colour combo up.”

Robyn laughed loudly. “I think if we didn’t match, I would be terribly disappointed. I am getting so used to it now.” She turned his hands over, running the index finger of her right hand over his cuff links, the ones she had given him. “I am so excited to be here with you for this. I am so proud of you Taron, for what you have achieved. Enjoy every minute of this evening because you deserve it all and more.”

“With Stella not around now do you think it will be ok if I hug you? She doesn’t have a secret camera on you ready to shout at me for creasing your dress or ruining your hair?”

Robyn smiled and opened her arms for him and Taron happily engulfed her in a sideways hug, his face going straight into her left shoulder, breathing in deeply, a wonderful mixture of Robyn’s perfume, intoxicating body lotion and warm skin filling his senses and he was getting use to the feel of her bare soft skin under his hands.

“I love this dress.” He whispered into her shoulder, feeling her chuckle against him.

“It has its perks.” She agreed, enjoying the feeling of Taron’s large hands on her back, the heat from the palms of his hands seeping into her skin. “Though I haven’t a clue how I am going to pee in it.”

Taron laughed loudly and moved his head to kiss her cheek. “I am sure you will find a way.” He ended the hug and sat back against the chair, Robyn sitting right next to him, her clutch on her lap.

“I have something for you.” She opened her clutch and pulled out a very small slim box, wrapped in green stripped paper and passed it to him.

“What have you been up too?” He asked her. “And seriously? You never stick to our present pact.”

Robyn smiled and pressed the present into his hand. “Sometimes I don’t think you know me at all. It is only something very small.”

“Sure. Small.” He replied taking the box. “What is it?” He asked with a grin, knowing Robyn would frown his way and he smiled widely as sure enough she gave him a scowl. “Ok, ok I will open it.”

Starting with the tape at one end, Taron knew Robyn was watching every move he made and he purposely took his time, being extra careful and slow as he pulled the tape off and his smile grew even more as he felt Robyn shuffle impatiently beside him. Then with one tear, he ripped a large strip from the middle of the wrapping, a green box coming into view as he pulled the rest of the paper off. Robyn took the paper from him and scrunched it up into a ball and threw it over her shoulder, Taron giggling at her.

“I don’t think I have ever seen you impatient Robyn.” He finally got the rest of the paper off the present.

“I have never seen someone open a present so slowly.” She replied back to him, nudging him with her shoulder.

“I am nearly there.”  He held the box in his left hand opened it with his right and knew Robyn heard his intake of breath as he looked to the tie clip sitting neatly inside the box. Matching his cuff links perfectly, Robyn had bought him a stunning gold tie clip, the same Claddagh symbol embellished on it. The only difference between his cuff links and his new tie clip was the green emerald that sat in the middle of the heart and the small white crystals on the crown. “Robyn…” Taron looked to her with slight shock on his face. “This is too much.”

She shook her head. “Are you even going to try and argue with me over it?” She asked him taking the box from his hands, slipping the clip from its velvet case. “You know you won’t get far.” She moved a little so she was facing him better. “Can I?” She saw his tiny nod of agreement. Pulling his neatly tucked tie from his waistcoat, Robyn handed Taron the clip to hold so she could line the back and front of his tie together, slipping the index and middle fingers of her left hand in-between two buttons of his shirt, brushing over the warm skin of his chest and held the tie in place midway down his shirt. “Clip please.” She took the gold piece of jewellery from him and switched her hands around, her right fingers now holding his shirt and tie, she opened the clip with her left hand and clipped it into place making sure it didn’t snag his bare skin, smoothing down his tie with both hands, before tucking it back under waistcoat. “Perfect.”

Taron looked down to his tie and then back to Robyn. “It is way too much.” He ran his fingers over the clip on his tie. “I can’t take this from you.”

“You rejecting my present?” She asked him.

“No no no!” He quickly said. “No of course not but Robyn this must have cost you…”

He never got to finish as Robyn placed both hands over his mouth stopping him mid-sentence. “It is something very small that matches your cuff links.” She told him firmly. “And it’s a present that I got for you because I can and I love you and it is something to mark the occasion of your premier.” She took her hands from his mouth and placed them on his cheeks. “You are welcome.”

Taron looked to her, her pretty face grinning at him, her cheeks glowing in the late evening sun that came through the car window, her large eyes staring him down. Her thumbs stroked his cheeks and his heart thumped hard in his chest. “Thank you Robyn. I love it.”

“I know.”

Her answer made him shake his head a little and she took her hands from his face. “I have nothing for you.”

Robyn looked down to the beautiful dress she was wearing. “Really? Nothing?” She looked back to him. “I am wearing the most luxurious piece of clothing I have ever worn. Had my hair styled by a professional hairstylist to the stars and for the first time in my life, had my make-up done by someone who wasn’t me or Claire. I am sitting in a car on a way to a movie premier with my best friend who has been the most wonderful and caring person to me over the last few hours and tonight is going to be one of the best for me. This…” She placed her hands over his tie. “Is just a tiny token for you.”

Taron placed hands over hers. “Thank you.”

Satisfied he wasn’t going to argue with her again, Robyn reached into her clutch once more.

Crimson and Shay: Stranger Danger

“You saw the creepy guy that stared at us for like twenty minutes right?” Crimson asked as Shay turned off the living room lights. 

“Of course,” She nodded. “If my eyes didn’t deceive me, that was Blood Crime. Remember? The guy that freaked out on me during my Intelligencer exam.”

Crimson frowned. “Why would he be watching us?” 

With a shrug, Shay turned to go to bed. “If I knew, I’d have texted Liza or Kasai already. Let’s just be extra careful, okay?” She was nervous. It was easy to tell. Shay was rubbing her thumb in a circular pattern against her other fingers as if her hand was a worrystone. 

“Do you want to bunk together tonight? We can stack the beds or share.” Crimson offered casually. He slept so much better when he got to sleep close to one of the few people that made him feel safe.

“Lets bunk the beds, but we need an alert system. I think we have bells and string around here somewhere....” Shay wandered out of her doorway to the cabinet where they stored art supplies.  “I’m a genius!’ She announced, threading three noisy bells onto a string, then tying each end into a slip knot so that the bells rested between. 

“What will that do?” Crimson asked.

“Good question, I will explain.” Shay nodded approvingly, pleased that Crimson didn’t blindly accept her proposals. “One end will go around your ankle, the other around a bed post. If someone tries to attack, the bells will definitely jingle no matter what, and the other person will wake.” Crimson considered.

“But if someone does attack, we will be tied to the bed.”


“How about the bells just go around our ankles?” Was the counter proposal.

“Much better.” Shay agreed, tossing Crimson the already prepared bell line and fixing one for herself, then flopped into her bed. 

“Goodnight Crimson.” She mumbled as Crimson hopped up to the top bunk with a faint jingle.

“Good night Shay.”