Entertainment Spotlight: Aadila Dosani

Canadian actress Aadila Dosani stars in The CW’s Nancy Drew as Amanda Bobbsey, one half of the Bobbsey Twins. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Aadila was the only female member of the University of Toronto’s champion rugby team. Aadila is perhaps best known for her role in the mini-series, Unspeakable. In 2014 she received an AMPIA (Alberta Media Production Industries Association) Nomination for ‘Best Performance by an Actress’ for her role in Double Booked. Aadila sat down with us to discuss playing Amanda Bobbsey and the making of Nancy Drew.

Do you have any headcanons for Amanda Bobbsey?

If I had to choose one word to describe Amanda, it would be “curious.” Amanda has such a zest for life and hopes that she and Gil can have a better life. When I started prepping all things Amanda, the one thing that kept coming up was that she wanted to experience life and see the world. She didn’t grow up in a traditional manner; she and Gil always had to fend for themselves, so she would always dream that there had to be something better out there for them. She is a consummate dreamer. She wanted to travel. SO—what no one knows is that I actually bought a globe and pinned places on it around the world where Amanda wants to travel, which is so funny because the show may or may not allude to this Dora the Explorer side to her!

What’s a mystery in your life that you’d like Nancy Drew’s help to solve?

I would LOVE Nancy Drew’s help to solve “The Mystery of the Missing Socks.” Does the dryer really eat them up? Is there a sock mouse in the house? I cannot, for the life of me, figure it out!

What’s a fact about the making of Nancy Drew that fans would be surprised to find out?

Not so much a fun fact about the making-of, but did you know that every member of the Drew Crew can sing? They have voices of angels! It is insane! Not only are they so incredibly skilled at bringing their characters to life in the fullest of ways, but they can also belt out show tunes like Idina Menzel’s spirit animals! Musical Episode, anyone?!

Do you have a favorite Bobbsey Twin moment or scene (so far)?

ALL OF THEM. I have to say I love Praneet Akilla (who plays Gil Bobbsey). He is now my forever brother. We instantly clicked when we met (which was a year before we both found out we were playing The Bobbsey Twins). Fun fact, we are both from the same hometown of Calgary, AB. So we already had that innate connection. I truly love exploring our relationship because even though we are twins, we are two completely different humans. It is such a treat to explore a twinning relationship as an actor—so rare and so full of layers. If I am honest, I loved Episode 9, “The Bargain of the Blood Shroud,” because we were really allowed to explore our relationship and dynamic. Without saying too much, you really get a feel for how much Gil and Amanda rely on each other.

If you could host your own game/reality show, what kind of show would it be?


Thanks for taking the time, Aadila! Catch Nancy Drew on Thursdays on the CW.

Taylor Swift as vintage Nancy Drew Mystery Stories book covers: #21: The Secret in the Old Attic (1944)

Nancy Drew races against time to unravel the clues in a dead man’s letters. If she succeeds, Philip March and his little granddaughter can be saved from financial ruin. Following obscure clues, Nancy undertakes a search for some unpublished musical manuscripts which she believes are hidden in the dark, cluttered attic of the rundown March mansion. But someone else wants them enough to put many frightening obstacles in Nancy’s way. Will she outwit a trio of ruthless thieves and solve the Marches’ problems?