23 - 27/28

23. Icy rain; I curl into the warmth from my cup of chamomile tea 24. Soft nose nudges my hand; mother bunny curls up into my lap, tired 25. Crescent moons; Winter wraps its hands around my neck and the silver bleeds 26. Amethyst eyes; you cling to her cold hands and pray for your mind to clear 27. Hints of lavender and rosemary stains my hands; now the garden sleeps

One final Haiku for National Haiku Writing month, Thank You to everyone who participated with us this year.

nahaiwrimo - february 6th

The only honest
thing you gave me was your touch;
that's the easy part
happiness can flee
on its own naturally
but you gave it wings
anger and spite don't
look good on me, but
neither did your weight
I hate you almost
as much as how you left me
broken and waiting
fuck you, fuck me, fuck
your empty promises and
your emptier heart
The end is never
pretty, even in haiku it's
sugarcoated red.

The lovely @drunk-on-writing inspired me to do nahaiwrimo, so I decided to catch up. ❤🥀