My new hobby is sending my roommate pictures of Alpacas and captioning them with the band or musical genre they most resemble. 

60s Polka (bonus, the alpaca on the right looks like an alpaca wearing an alpaca costume):

Early 70s British folk rock:

Echo & The Bunnymen:

David Bowie (ziggy stardust era, obviously):

Lynard Skynard: 

90s Seattle Grunge: 


Opera (timeless):

When I’m not writing stories, I’m making books.

My friend from work has been having a rough time, but also his birthday was very recently and he just got his first tattoo. So, to both celebrate and as a “hope things get better soon” gift, I made him a journal. I already tied it up and put a wax seal, so I can’t show you the inside because unfucking fortunately I don’t apparently think ahead very well, but this is it:

I spent about five hours, give or take, tea-dying and drying each page by hand (I used the oven to dry them faster, but you gotta watch that shit like a hawk or you will have a Fire). I sewed together two layers of faux leather, maroon on the outside and black on the inside, and slid foam board between the layers to make it a hardback. Then I superglued another strip of black to close the last open edge, because I’m dumb and didn’t leave enough room to stitch it closed. I hand-stitched all the papers together using the Kettle Stitch method (I will link below) and used “Natural pH Adhesive” brand PVA book glue by LineCo to adhere everything together. I used a dip-feather pen that my friend gifted me a couple weeks ago to personally write the words “For (his name)” in a script/the closest I can get to calligraphy on the inside cover. The bookmark is made out of the same cord I used to tie it closed (I don’t know what exactly the material is, I got it from Etsy forever ago and it is what they used to wrap around what I had bought from them. Reusing!) with a tumbled Onyx that I hand-wrapped in sterling silver wire a while back. The corner protectors are just generic brass-colored corner protectors I got off of Amazon a while ago, when I bought a pack to make journals for my other friend weeks ago. I used like half a bottle PVA glue total, but I also am a perfectionist who wants to make sure that everything NEVER COMES APART EVER. That spine is there to STAY DAMN IT!

So yeah. My life apparently revolves around books, either writing stories for them or physically binding them together stitch by stitch.

Tutorial I used wouldn’t link, actually (damn it!) but the title is:

“DIY Kettle Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon” from four years ago. I have always used this video, and I still use it to refresh my memory of how to stitch books whenever I forget something. There are tons of ways to book bind though, so find whichever method you like most if you wanna try. I personally love this method, only I use actual waxed bookbinding/embroidery thread instead of normal sewing thread.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Edit: here’s the bookmark bc I just noticed you can’t see it in the other pics