"You? You're Mr. Kaplan?!"

"Everyone wants me to make things easier for them. Cleaner, that's what I am after all, the cleaner. In my desire to make life easier for your baby I betrayed Raymond and now he doesn't know what to do with me. Well, he knows what he has to do, and he wants me to make it easier for him. But I wont. I'm not here to make him feel better."

Presenting custom Funko Pop of Mr Kaplan, or Kathryn Nemec from The Blacklist. She's mostly a straight repaint of Rachel from Orphan Black, and I got the glasses off of a John Hammond Funko from Jurassic park. The gun hand came off of a ghost in the machine character.

I'm especially proud of how the eyes turned out. She has unique eyes and I think I got something of that captured.

I was going to post a different Funko tonight, but after watching that episode of season 6 with Smokey Putnam, I felt this was more appropriate. Oh Smokey, why didn't you quit while you were ahead? It was in your nature indeed....

it bothers me everybody thinks raymond’s a victim and treats elizabeth like a pariah ‘cause she’s hurt from her mom’s death.

they keep praising raymond for protecting her and loving her, but she never asked to be protected, and his love is EW since they aren’t related.

raymond gaslighted elizabeth, he hired tom to spy on her, tried to kill him for marrying her (he did kill him with his secrets), he doesn’t care ‘bout agnes the way he cares for elizabeth (super weird), he hunted down and killed mr. kaplan, he killed katarina... all because he loves elizabeth... what kind of love is that? just ‘cause he’s dying from a weird disease doesn’t make it ok... I really need an explanation for his behaviour 

WHO IS HE? and whatever he feels for elizabeth is wrong, not love