With or Without Emotional Hang-Ups (2005)

Indian Artist MONALI MEHER

This 2 hour web-video performance beautifully and profoundly depicts a comparison between attachment versus non-attachment and avoidance to certain romantic emotions and relationships that we often develop. How do we adapt to their existence? How do we readjust to the normal state (lonesome?) when they disappear? How do they contribute to our daily life routine?

Second Departure (2006) - Indian Artist MONALI MEHER

Using scattered objects in the vicinity of an abandoned prison in Sinop, Turkey, Monali Meher creates a transforming experience encompassed by three departures, each lasting for 3 hours. In this second departure performance, Monali carefully places plants on the top of a bunk bed, and adds salt and coal to the bottom bed. She then lays her head on the salt (pillow) and her feet on the coal, and rests with no movement for 3 hours. This deep process is a form of a "cleansing ritual", where positive energy is being taken in by the body and all the negative (waste) that she has accumulated over her life is being unloaded. Monali wrote about this experience:

at the same time near to death experience which I experienced intensely even though I was lying down. The weather became all of a sudden rough, strong wind started blowing and my body felt stiff in that position for 3 hrs long. There were moments I felt that I was sleeping or dreaming even though I was not or maybe I was.