Demon lounging on a leather sofa, sucking down the last of a chocolate shake. He would sigh and let out a large burp, his hand coming to rest on his full belly. His once empty stomach was now sticking out an extra couple of inches with the addition of an entire milkshake downed in less than five minutes after a particularly heavy breakfast Cat made him. He groan and lean his head back, closing his eyes and letting Cat come up to knead him.


   People have been throwing milkshakes, and I don't want to alarm you but it may be the most dangerous thing that has ever happened. Or at least, that's what you'd think if you listened to right-wing media about it.

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Nights Like These

Hey guys! I’m delighted to be able to share the full version of my story from the @bat-famzine at last! I had a real blast working on this zine, and this fic and I hope you guys enjoy it!

It’s just some fun Dick and Damian fluff involving a too hot patrol and some delicious milkshakes. 


Dick stopped halfway across a rooftop to let a warm breeze card through his hair, and wished that his suit was more breathable. The plus side to summer in Gotham was that patrol was typically slow. No one wanted to be out, especially the villains. Quiet and slow was good. Anything faster threatened to roast him in his suit. As it was, he felt a bit like a cooked chicken already and they’d only been out a couple hours.

“Come along, Nightwing. The route will not patrol itself.” Robin said, pausing his treck to turn and frown at Dick.

The only person Dick knew who really enjoyed the overly warm weather was Damian. The kid seemed to feed off it. He’d been out every day walking Titus and had dragged everyone, even Tim, out to ‘soak up the sun’.

One would think that patrolling while decked out in his boots and cape would impact Damian somehow, but it didn’t seem to slow him down. He seemed almost like Dick had when he was Robin. Only Damian didn’t show his enthusiasm in bouncing and chatter. He did it with tiny smiles and an air about him that said ‘I missed this’.

Dick groaned and rolled his head back, “One more minute, Robin. I’m dying here.”

Damian crossed his arms, “You do not look like you are in danger of expiring.”

He looked at Damian and raised an eyebrow, “You’re a little beyond mistaking my dramatics for reality.”