I'm finally doing it!

A while ago I reached my goal of 50/50 poems written (and right now I'm actually at 53!) for my manuscript. Due to recommendations, it was going to originally be centered around love/military/relationships, but it has branched a bit beyond that. I'm not sure yet if I will stick with that center theme or not yet, but I am FINALLY en route to editing and revising them. I have 3 friends who are willing to sit down and critique with me and help me become a better writer, reader, and editor. So once I really crack down on editing and revising, I will have a much better idea of what the focus will be.

This is huge for me. I have always been extremely self-conscious about my writing. They say you're your own worst critic, right? When I was in school and read in front of people at the student reading my stomach was in my throat and it felt like my insides were exploding, I was so nervous. And I'm incredibly nervous about this. These people have read my work before and helped, but sitting down as a group and really discussing it all is going to be both nerve-racking and relieving for me.

I guess the point is I'm just really excited that I've finally forced myself to suck it up and take a (big) step forward. c:

Being a poet is such a quiet thing. You can't spot a poet in a crowd It's not something we wear on the outside. I guess that's why poets love to explore the inside because that's where the truth is. That's where the secrets are. If you saw me in ACUs and tactical gear, you'd think that I defined myself by the way I cursed. Or the way I held my weapon. Or the way I went about land nav. Being a poet is such a quiet thing.

It's always the quiet things