Anonymous asked:

Hello!~ I just recently realized I'm mermaidkin and I was wondering if you could help me with puns>(030)w

Oh my goodness meranon, we are so sorry, we had a long elaborate, in-depth answer fur mew, but then our computer died, so we have to recreate it and we might furget somefin. So first off, we are happy to help mew with puns, mew can stay on anon if mew don’t mind us refurring to mew as meranon, or give us another name to call mew by.

An impurrtant step is to add words to your vocabulary to use fur puns. These can be sea life, like Perch, Bass, Betta, Coral, and Moray (Eels). There’s also words related to water like Boat, Gill, Frond, Shoal, Ferry, Buoy, and Bubble. Places to find moray words would be encyclopedias, books aboat sea life, documentaries, and of course mew can conchsult us fur moray words!

First, how to slip puns into your vocabulary: We have found that homonyms are the best start- replacing words with somefin that sounds the same but has a diffurent meaning and spelling. Things like sure and shore, see and sea.

The next level is words that are similar sounding, like frond and friend, gill and girl, buoy and boy, moray and more.

After that, mew can look at larger words that have replacable chunks. It doesn’t have to be a perchfect fit, but try to avoid making it too clunky! Word chunks that can be replaced are conch instead of con (conchfused), bubble/bubbly in place of ble (terribubbly, horribubble). 

Mew can also try just using water-related words in place of synonyms, like going a little bit out of your way to say "the current situation" instead of "the present situation" or "she floundered for" or "she fished for an answer". These kind of puns are small and subtle, so they aren't as noticabubble, but they add to your pun vocabulary. 38))

Let us know if mew want to know moray tips, moray vocab words, or want to practice puns with us!