I’m from cool hardwood floors and

a wild, overgrown yard,

from the smell of mothballs and wool,

and itchy blue tights

and white polo shirts under plaid skirts.

I’m from crockpot dinners and homemade pizzas and

fighting the dog for the corner seat on the couch.

I am from leather ball gloves

and softballs

and the snap of a perfect catch

as fireflies signal the coming of summer nights.

I am from hard shoes and hairspray.

Glitter and wigs.

I am from straight arms

and straight backs

and feet that won’t stop running rhythms

no matter how many times someone yells “Not in the kitchen!”

I am from knee socks and hiking boots,

flag ceremonies and made up names,

midsummer campfires and hikes and camp outs

as the hot summer night slowly cools off.

From scout camps and sing alongs,

box ovens and dutch ovens, and

walking in the creek, and

sticky melting ice cream

(that was never really frozen to begin with)

I am from late nights and early mornings,

lost sleep or no sleep

and sudden awakenings to the bells

shrieking another emergency call.

From flashing lights, blaring sirens, broken glass, blood.

I’m from training and drilling,

and checkoffs and checklists, and

bunker gear that slowly comes to fit like a glove.

I am from the smell of smoke and the heat of flames,

from the steady weight

of my pack against my lower back,

pushing me


into the world beyond

the little suburban home that I’ve come from

tuesday, february 24th | day 38/100 of productivity

i’ve been looking back at my new year goals recently. i think it’s around this time i generally start to give up and this year is no different. it’s always bit by bit that i start to slide back, so i’m trying to recommit myself to these goals by sharing them out loud.

in terms of work, i had a pretty good day yesterday. i had a couple more interviews and got rejected by one that i was excited by so that’s tough. but slowly trudging through all the work i have to do. slow n steady b/c if i force myself to do too much, i instantly burn out LOL 

accomplishments -anki review (it was my 50th day streak a couple days ago !!) -learned about V/Q ratios  -had a pretty interesting class on physician assisted dying  -packed up to leave home sighhhh

tuesday, february 23rd | day 37/100 of productivity

i had a good catch up day yesterday where i finally caught up on anki and made a plan moving forward to try and catch up on the week i missed!! i think for me, getting back into studying is always the most daunting thing because of the size of my to-do list when i look back at all the things i didn’t do. so i’m glad at least, to start. 

i also had a couple interviews yesterday and fdkjaeaf it’s been the most soul-sucking experience LOL it’s just very cut throat and i’m hearing rejection after rejection. but you only need one acceptance so crossing my fingers

accomplishments -caught up on my anki cards  -started learning about the lungs -listened to lectures  -went to dinner w my fam <3 

monday, february 22nd | day 32 - 36/100 of productivity

i’m so sorry for the lack of activity on here :( my life has just been a little out of control lately so i needed to take a break from all my hobbies. last week was an incredibly fun week, as my cousin and my boyfriend visited me. i spent a lot of time catching up with them and eating lots of food (hence the picture), but i didn’t spend a lot of time doing school. 

so i’m excited to get back into a normal routine and hopefully find my study groove again. i’m in the process of interviewing for a summer position rn, and it’s feeling a lil hopeless :( but i’ll try and make the best of it. 

wishing you all a productive and lovely last week of february xx 

22.02.2021// So first of all, I passed gastroenterology (with 29/30, yay!) ✨✨✨

Now I'm studying for the last exam of this session, which is pharmacology 1 (basically just pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics), that I have 3 days from now.

Here are some notes I took on drug clinical trials, since it wasn't explained in lectures but it will be asked in the quiz 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️