I can’t believe it’s taken me long too realize that Martha’s Country Bakery has had a Bayside location in 2009 and it just didn’t...compute with me that I could hop on a train to get there instead of having to trek all the way to their original Forest Hills location. I got a slice of the blue velvet, mango cream, and what tasted like a raspberry custard slice, and omfg all of the cake slices were just heavenly, reminding me why Martha’s cake slices are basically in the top 10 range of most delicious desserts I’ve ever tried in my life. The blue velvet in particular really stood out to me, since it’s not the usual cream cheese-based frosting that tends to be on a heavier slice, but a much lighter, melt-in-your mouth cream that complimented the blue velvet cake really well. So, I definitely see myself coming back here again in the near future, possibly very soon lol.