This photo of the cast of Glee and Naya Rivera's family gathering together at Lake Piru today, where Naya’s body was found is incredibly powerful — and today is the 7th anniversary of Cory Monteith’s passing. I’m in shatters.

This song, “Home/Homeward Bound” has such a new meaning for me since 3 of the 6 are gone from us. I want to believe that Naya, Cory, and maybe Mark (even though he was hella creepy) are all hanging with each other now and catching up.

Someday they, and we, will all be where they are and we will all be reunited. But for the time being, I like to think that it’s not goodbye... it’s see you later... I’m Homeward Bound. I’ll be home soon.

P.S. And for the time being, I will be wrapping Dianna Agron up in bubble wrap so nothing happens to her. (My heart can’t take anymore).

P.P.S. I believe that Naya lived her purpose. She was a voice for so many who were silenced about who they were. For that, Naya will always live on in the hearts of those who knew her and love her. Just like Cory (and Mark too), we will never forget.