Return me to my happiest state and bring me peace spell jar

this Is a spell jar that is made to return your mind to a state of happiness and peace.

Ingredients needed

Cinnamon (ground or stick, doesn’t matter)



Dried Rose petals


Orange Peels

Coffee beans

Bay leaf

a small jar

White candle


put all of these ingredients into a jar, seal it with your wax and there you go. Your very own spell jar

Calling the Four Winds

Calling the Four Winds

For years now I’ve wanted to try and create some sort of ritual that would call the rain to me. After reading a paper by Jorgensen, which discusses the ways in which mythology symbolism can be layered into ritual/heka, I finally reached a point where I felt like I could finally wrap my mind around what such a ritual would entail. This post is basically about said ritual. If you’re not interested…

In the future sometime (sky and bloom; skloom) based off fate: the winx saga

Sky: "Once I met a lost redhead girl. She accused me of mansplain when I offered her help. I told her almost my everything when I was vulnerable, trusted her and kissed her for the first time, but she ended up dosing me by putting a sleeping drug in my water and put me into sleep. Pretty Astonishing right?, and that kids... is how I met your mother, Bloom."


My first post lol, I hope it was semi funny enough and I hope someone reads it. I could do a part 2 of it lmao.

Credit: my best friend iz and me


Worldbuilding: Take 4 - Inhabitants of the Realms

So as you propably may have noticed, people who live in the Magical Universe are predominantly human looking. Like very human looking. 

As in, most of them can go on Earth and nobody would think they aren’t humans (to name some of those few expceptions - Elfs, Trogs, Water Nymphs, Leprechauns, Minotaurs, Selkies and Ogres).

Here is my take: 

Silva Lining (Saul Silva x Reader) Chapter 8 pt 2

Warnings: Slight smut mention?

Word count: 3.2k

Okay so I don't know if you'd class this as more of a filler chapter? I don't think so but what do I know lmao. I hope you likeeee. The next chapter will contain SMuT <3


-Sauls POV-

It must have looked weird, two school girls getting escorted into 4x4 trucks surrounded by soldiers. Saul sighed, looking at the back of his girlfriend. He didn’t know how he was gonna handle this situation. On one hand, he was pissed that she’d been so stupid and left the confines of the safety barrier, on the second hand, she wouldn’t have vanished if she didn’t over hear his and Farah’s conversation. But then, she wouldn’t have even known about it if she hadn’t been eavesdropping… who was really in the wrong? It’s not like he wanted to spy on his girl, there was a bigger reason to all of it, something that Farah had told Saul after she found out he was dating Y/N. Something no one would have ever expected, certainly something Saul would have never guessed. 

It was quiet when they reached Alfea, the guards left leaving only the girls, Sky and Saul standing outside the fairy hall. 

“Sky and Stella go inside, I need to talk to Y/N.” The two students did as they were told even though Stella looked on the brink of arguing with him, Sky’s arms pilled high with the girls shopping bags. Then there was two. Saul ran his hand through his hair and shook it slightly, he felt drained, worried out of his mind at how you were going to react. 

“You shouldn’t have done it Saul, I thought we had more trust than that..” Y/N sat down on a bench pressed against the wall of the school, closing her eyes and breathing deeply. Saul took a coupe of large steps and sat down next to her. 

“I know, I know that anything I say right now won’t make it hurt any less but you have to trust me when I say I didn’t want to do it, there’s more to the story, I just can’t tell you yet, it’s not my place to tell you.” He looked at Y/N pleadingly. His hand wondering over to touch hers by her side. She didn’t pull away, instead let him take it into his, where they sat like that for a little while in silence, listening to the birds. 

“I know that I will forgive you, I love you. But I’m gonna make you work for it Saul. You won’t be getting off that lightly. As for whatever secret you’re talking about, i’m not worried, secrets always have a way of rising to the surface, maybe…. i’ll just have to get it out of you one way or another.” Y/N smirked, whispering the last part in his ear, taking his lobe between her teeth and pulling slightly, her tongue leaving a light trail up the side of his neck making Saul shiver. 

-Your POV-

Saul’s eyes were foggy with lust, you smirked again. Just what you had planned. From where you were sitting, you were completely secluded. You straddled Sauls legs, hooking your arms behind his head, weaving your fingers through his hair. He probably thought you’d be sweet and gentle, but you weren’t in the forgiving mood just yet. With a tug, you pulled his head back making him moan, his neck exposed to you where you peppered it with little nips and sucks, you could feel Saul growing harder between your legs, his combats and your jeans the only thing in the way. You worked your mouth up to his, teasing him slowly, kissing the sides until you firmly planted yours onto his awaiting mouth. It was hot, heavy and god you wanted it to go further. But you wouldn’t give into him just yet, anyway, you’d both agreed to wait until your 18th birthday to do the deed. It was just fun to be able to tease him until then. You pulled yourself away looking into his eyes and glanced at the marks you’d made on his neck. He was gonna be pissed but he was yours after all.

“Well that was fun, see you tomorrow Mr Silva.” 


-The next day-

“Do you think a man can die from blue balls?” You practically spat your coffee out at Terras outburst. You’d been telling them about what had happened after you were left alone with Saul, letting the other girls know that teasing him would be your revenge. Her voice seemed to travel across the school canteen and a few heads turned in your direction. Bloom and Musa were doubled over laughing and Stella and Aisha rolled their eyes. 

“Terra do you even have a filter.” Stella facepalmed and Terra shrugged, blushing a little after she realised what she’d blurted out. You watched as Sky, Riven and Brandon made their way over to your table, sitting down with their breakfast which surprised you. It wasn’t often the guys had time for that. 

“To answer your question weirdo, no, but sometimes it feels like we could.” Riven bit into his apple smirking which made you gag slightly. God you did not see the attraction. Maybe you were only into older guys? You laughed to yourself, earning weird glances from around the table. 

“So Y/N, are you excited for your party tonight? I can’t believe someone is actually funding this and you don’t know who it is. Like, what’s the deal with the mystery Donor and how the hell did they manage to swing a party by Headmistress Dowling?” Brandon was sat across from Stella, rattling off his thoughts. He asked some good questions, ones that you still didn’t have the answers to. You struggled to find the words, you didn’t have any answers. Stella noticed.

“Well I for one am, Y/N and I bought the girls and ourselves all new outfits, were going to look drop dead gorgeous. Who cares who the the money bags is anyway, were having a party and it’s Y/N’s 18th! Let’s just enjoy it!” Stella smiled at you across the table and you were so grateful for her in that moment. She always knew what to say. 

You had been listening, but soon your mind started drifting elsewhere, it was like everyone faded into the background and that’s when the voice erupted in your head. 

“Be vigilant, something is coming, not long now, you need to be prepared, for you are the key, you are the dragon soul.” 

You were shook out of your daze literally when Musa was shaking your arm. You looked at her only to find everyone was looking at you. 

“You alright Y/N?” You smiled. 

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be?” Musa frowned, handing you a tissue. 

“Your nose is bleeding.” 


You were in Stella’s room reading some of the books that you’d manage to steal from the bookstore. You’d obviously return them once you were done. You hadn’t come across anything useful just yet but you would keep on looking, only now, it was time to get ready for your party. 

Aisha had called you through from Stella’s room when they were finished. You had to stay in there because they insisted on doing something for you in the main part of your dorm, which you would see if you were in your bedroom, it was the downside of living in an open plan mezzanine. 

You were shocked and a little overwhelmed when you walked out. Streamers decorated the walls and ceilings, helium balloons floated around the sky, quite literally, they were moving. There was some party tunes going on in the background courtesy of Musa and piled high on the table in the centre were presents of all shapes and sizes wrapped in a multitude of vastly colour papers. You loved every part of it. The tears came quicker than you anticipated which shocked your friends. 

“Oh god, I knew we shouldn’t have surprised her, she doesn’t like it.” Aisha looked around at everything they had done but you shook your head. 

“No no no, I love it, I love it so much. It’s happy tears. No one has ever done anything like this for me. In my whole life. I’m just so happy, i’m so glad you’re my friends.” The girls all awed and some looked pretty crushed. They circled around you, wrapping you in a giant hug. 

“Were not just friends Y/N, were family.” Stella kissed your cheek and led you to the table with all the goodies.

“Time to open your presents!”

Stella had got you a new leather jacket, a proper leather jacket too, not some pleather thing off the rack in H&M. Musa got you some headphones, Bloom bought you a couple of books that she knew you’d been after, Terra had got you a new diary and stationery bits and Aisha had gotten you a gift card for the coffee house you liked in Magix.

The last gift was a mystery. It had been dropped off, with no name, the only conclusion was that it had come from your mystery Donor. The gift was wrapped in gold paper, inside a small velvet box and then inside of that, a silver ring, intricately designed, a dragon twisting around itself a deep black gem stuck in the centre of its body. In its soul. 

Once you and your friends had managed to get over the shock of the mysterious and very very expensive looking gift, you got to work on handing out the bags with each girls outfit in. 

“Did Saul get you a gift?” Bloom had her bag sat on her lap, none of the girls had opened them yet. You shook your head.

“Not yet, were seeing each other tonight so he said he was going to give me it then.” Your friends started cat calling and hooting. You blushed, your mind leading you to places that you shouldn’t wonder, not when you had a party to get ready for. If you let your mind wonder too much you’d miss your own celebration to go bone the man you hadn’t seen since the morning. 

“Okay okayyyyy, time to open your presents!” You were excited to see their reactions and shut Terra down as soon as she started talking about “You really shouldn’t have gotten us anything, it’s too much’ Blah blah blah.. She soon changed her tune when she saw the dress you’d gotten her. In fact, all of the girls had gone quiet, admiring the outfits you and Stella had picked out for them. It made your heart warm seeing the awe and joy on their faces, you’d missed out on that feeling your whole life, you were happy you could make someone else feel that way. 

After they were done looking at their new outfits, shoes and jewellery, you and Stella produced the 6 boxes you’d kept in a separate bag. Handing the right colour to each girl. 

“No fucking way these are so cool!” Bloom squealed when she saw the ‘Winx’ bracelets. 

“Well, we might as well make the name official, the Winx family. Has a nice ring to it.” 


You didn’t really know what to expect when you walked into your own birthday party. You certainly didn’t expect almost the whole school to be there. It was bigger than the keg party at the beginning of the year and more fancier too. Fairy lights (lol) covered the roof, thousands of them lit up the ceiling like stars in the night sky. There was a table towards the back of the room, full of cakes, pastries and all kind of food. Someone had set up a make shift bar, a couple of the students taking it upon themselves to make cocktails. Presents were pilled high on one table and you were stood there in utter awe when everyone screamed ‘Happy Birthday!’ 

“What the hell, how is this even possible?” You were utterly shocked. People came up and wished you happy birthday, most of the people you’d only ever seen in passing, some never at all. 

“Riven opened his big mouth about your party and so everyone turned up. It’s all for you though, enjoy.” Sky swung his arm over your shoulder. 

Speaking of Riven, you noticed him across the room, black ripped jeans and a plain white t-shirt, you admired how effortlessly handsome he was able to look sometimes. He had nothing on Saul though. He turned and met you eyes. Was that a look of shock? You smirked. You knew you looked good, the outcome of your outfit hair and makeup even shocked you once it was all done. All of the girls from your dorm looked drop dead gorgeous, you all stood out in the best way tonight. Riven started towards you, a couple of cups in his hands. You shivered a little, and not in a good way as he practically undressed you with his eyes. 

“Jesus, that’s what was hiding under all those black jumpers and jackets.” He looked your body up and down and you made a face of disgust. He scoffed and handed you the cup full of clear liquid. You sniffed it. 

“Straight Vodka? If I didn’t know any better i’d think you were trying to get me drunk.” You took a sip, wincing as the liquid burnt the back of your throat. 

“I’m sure tonight, you’ll manage that all by yourself Y/N, what I don’t understand, is why has a mysterious donor gone through all this trouble for a random changelings 18th birthday party?” He tilted his drink towards you and winked, leaving to go over to Beatrix.

You rolled your eyes, obviously that question sat in the back of your mind constantly, but Riven always had a way of bringing things up at the worst times. Oh well you thought, this was the first birthday party you’d ever had in 18 years. Why shouldn’t it be special? 


Three, four…. eight drinks later and you were on dance floor busting some odd shapes. You didn’t care, Bloom, Stella, Terra, Aisha and Musa were all by your side busting out the same or even worse moves than you and you were having the most amazing time. At this point you felt utter joy and didn’t care what anyone else thought. For the first time you finally felt like you belonged. 

“I’m just going to get some air okay, I’ll be back in a second.” You smiled at your friends, as much as you were enjoying yourself you knew you needed to slow down, have some water and air or you’d regret it in the morning. 

The air outside was cool, verging on the bitter side. It didn’t really bother you, you didn’t get cold. Not really. You craned your neck and looked up to the stars through blurry eyes. You were the kind of happy drunk where in the quiet of the night you giggled to yourself, the buzz of the alcohol warming you body from head to toe. 

It would have been perfect if you weren’t suddenly disturbed by the sound of stones crunching under feet behind you. But then, it was perfect, because when his arms circled your waist you were enveloped in the warmth grip of your man. You could tell it was him straight away, it was like there was static electricity between your bodies, you could always sense when he was near. His stubbly jaw brushed over your bare shoulder, his lips hovering below your ear.

“So this is what you were getting up to when you were shopping in Magix hmm? You look amazing darling, so so beautiful.” His hands stroked down the sides of your arms, taking you he spun you around to face him. You smiled drunkenly. 

“You shouldn’t be touching Mr Silva, you’re still in the dog house.” You giggled, trying to sound strict with Saul was not something you’d yet mastered. It didn’t mean you wouldn’t tease him though, knowing there would still be a few more hours before you finally met up with him in his room for your present. You pressed your scantily clad body against his and leant forward capturing his lips with yours, giving him a deep passionate kiss. It was over  before it started and you giggled at his flustered expression. You could see the tent in his crotch area and you knew how wet you were but you needed him to sweat a bit longer before you gave him the goods. You kissed his lips quick and turned around, giving him a full show, shaking your ass from side to side as you went back to join the party. You were sure you heard him groan behind you. 


Everyone seemed to be having an amazing time. Sky was talking to Bloom, Stella was making out with Brandon on the dance floor, you saw that coming from a mile away. What surprised you was Terra. Completely tipsy but talking confidently to one of Sky’s inner circle from the Specialists, Helia. You didn’t know a lot about him, but from the way Terra was talking eagerly and kept on pushing her hair behind her ear, you knew she liked him. From where you stood and what you observed, it honestly looked like Helia was into whatever Terra was saying, he looked genuinely interested. Maybe he liked her too? It gave you butterflies and made your heart sing thinking about how your friends were finding the same happiness you had with Saul. Even book smart, study hard Aisha had been hanging around with her Specialist partner Nabu. Everything seemed to be normal for once, you knew when that happened normally something bad was right around the corner, but your moto for the night was basically ‘Ahhh forget about it.’ 

“So, isn’t it time you left your party to go to your private party if you know what I mean.” Musa had managed to sneak up behind you, not as intoxicated as the others which was pretty surprising. Normally she liked to get drunk at these kind of things to dull her senses to everyones emotions. 

“Yup, I guess it is. I’m glad everyones having a good time, this whole thing has been amazing, I honestly can’t thank you guys enough.” You hugged the shorter girl who hugged you back. 

“You know, it’s okay to be nervous Y/N, especially if it’s your first time. I remember what it was like for my first time and I was nervous too. All you need to know is he loves you and tbh, i’m no psychic but I’m pretty sure you and Saul are end game. So go get him tiger!” She whooped loudly, gaining the attention of some nearby students. They whooped back, too intoxicated to understand what was going on. 

“Tell the others that i’ll see them in the morning, they’re having a good time, I’ll just sneak out.” You hugged Musa one last time and said by to Stella on the way past as you were leaving. 

“You’ve got this Y/N.” Giving yourself a little pep talk you wandered the deserted halls, climbing the stairs in your heels, slightly wobbly, to Sauls private quarters. 

“Ready or not, here I come Mr Silva.”


Anddd there you go. Thats the chapter. I hope you liked it. Please let me know what you thought in the comments. Next chapter will be all fluff and Smut, there is another kind of story arc coming tooooo I have no idea how long this fic will actually be, i’m just going with the flow! So please please please stick around, like/reblog and follow <3 love you alllll <3333 

Also, mood boards are mine if you use them please credit!  


Tag List:

The Magic Dimension Headcanons

- I like to think of Royals ruling over systems not planets

- Systems are rule by High monarchs which reside on the largest most central planet.  The secondary planets are often overseen by dukes and duchesses - though occasionally their will be a second monarch that is overseen by the high monarchy.

- Solaria is one of the biggest systems in the magic dimension with eight planets, 3 suns and 2 moons - and due to it being so big it has numerous trade and peace agreements between each planet in the Solarian system.

- Most planets fall within a system, but they have the option of splitting off if they are able to maintain wealth and civilization without a ruling system monarch.  

- The reason why most planets that split off and are successful is because of profitable resources - Isis (Diaspro’s home world) was able to split off from Eraklyon due to the huge profit from their natural resources - gemstones.

- Zenith is interesting, as they are a much newer system that started when a group of scientists revived a dead planet that was orbiting a dying star.  Since then, the Zenith system has expanded to include four former dead planets - and it is fast expanding.

- When Domino died, its four surrounding planets and sun did too, one of which was revived by Zenith.  

- While each system thrives independently, the magic dimension relies heavily on trade and trade routes, and due to this a trade council was made as to stop the ongoing wars between multiple systems.

- Magix is the center of the magic dimension - and does not belong to a system.  It is seen as the only true neutral place in the dimension - and apart from the schools, it houses all political, war and trade councils and conventions. 

Planetary Sistems and Other Dimensions


All these Planetary Systems are found in our Milky Way. The standard reference star map used is from the eyes of an observer of Hike (now Magix). Also the "common" language the Hikeinian language, although everyone calls it "common".

They're like ... 21 planets (and not really all are planets) habitables in 7 planetary systems (or 22 and 8, if we count Earth). THIS IS WHAT WAR DOES. This is why the Magic Realm Council has so much freedom and powers.

Like, there is even a rule that said the extent of space travel is limited to the galaxy itself as a precaution. Until all their internal messes become sorted out (never, are still dealing with the aftermath of the Ancestral Witches, per Arcadia!) or foreign civilizations contact first.

If there are two races on the same planet that markedly differ morphologically, it is most likely that one of them - or even both - are refugees from now places unsuitable for living.

Each planet has its own language and each planetary system has another one, so on average a person can know up to 3 languages. Ie: Stella could only talks solarian, hikeinian/common and reticulumian (well, as a coincidence she also speaks callistian). Yes, some races also have their own language, but at this points is considered a cultural treasure and a secret code between them.

Reticulum Solar System

Solaria. In same system are Callisto, Hoggar and Pyros (actually a moon of Hoggar.  It has three suns, Valeria, Lumenia and Atsukia* (That “sun”).

Hercules Solar System

Domino. In same system are Dolona and Oppositus. Their sun is Saulė.

Once a planet called Larisa was here.

Lacerta Solar System

Magix ( in the asteroid belt of the destroyed planet Hike)

As I’ve already said, Magix, it’s where the top schools are located, is an asteroid in a belt, in the remains of Planet Hike, from which it formed. It is a neutral location and home to the Magic Realm Council. Another place considered neutral is Lymphea which is the only other habitable place in that same Solar System after the Intergalactic War.

It has no moon, although the sadly now uninhabitable planet Marigold which Lynphea revolves around is near and looks like a moon if you don't know what you're seeing.

Lake Rocaluce It occupies 1/3 of the place and is where a great meteor was invoked and caused the fracture of the planet (and the end of a war, an interRealm war that Hika hosted, but that was long before even the Ancient Witches, Just after Legendarium times. The schools are placed around him in eternal memory it... Although... most of the people no longer remember...

Magix (the city) was founded by the weary survivors of this war and they too formed the Magic Realms Council, with their sede in the Fortress of Light that hangs above Lake Roccaluce.


Actually a moon from a planet called Marigold because their yellowlike coloration. Marigold has four others moons. In the whole system, once full of life in all their planet an most of their satelites via terraforming, only Lymphea, which started as a colony, remains prosperous.

Their sun is Arinnitti or Arinna for short.

Phoenix Solar System

Terra (Earth). In Magix, their/our sun is called Phoebus.

Eridanus Solar System

Melody. In same system are Ohm and Espero. Their sun is called Teruama.

Bootes Solar System

Eraklyon. In same system are Romulea, ThordalKarunda, and Isis (Diaspro’s home and Eraklyon moon). Their suns are called Mitra and Surya.

Monoceros Solar System

Titania and Zenith (two moons) around an uninhabitable planet called Xemia with its sun called Maeva.

Is this a joke to the Comic-Animation contradiction? Yes it is. No shame.

Cassiopeia Solar System

At least eight moons! A moons for each royal in Andros or maybe I must add more???? Oh, and there are Androsians colonies on the moons. Especially terraformed for farmlands.


A planet that who says its dead says its Hungry, where ley lines for some reason absorb magic instead of generating it, perfect for locking magic people up. And cold because it is farthest from the sun in their solar system. And it has hardly any atmosphere, in fact, prisoners are recommended to stay in the tunnels.

In same system is Serenia. They only have one sun, Utu.


Golden Kingdom AND Relix/Realix are the same, I’ve already talk about it.

Light & Dark Dimensions are cancelled.

The Wishing Star come from the Ethereal Plane of Magic.

Omega is a planet, read above.

Oblivion, Obsidian and Limbo are the same, now called: Boundless Oblivion

It is a fine liminal dimension superimposed on ours full of "nothing", which is used as a prison for the worst criminals. There is no concept of time or space or, well anything in it. Here you go crazy, and you can not use magic, but you are not hungry or thirsty, there is only you and your thoughts.

As it is superimposed on ours, it could theorically also be used to go from one place to another but like move through that dimension without someone pulling you from the outside? Impossible.

You prefer that the Magic Council send you Omega, not mention Rocaluce Fortress.

Infinite Ocean

Where there is black, there is white, where there is nothing, there is something. The Infinite Ocean is the opposite liminal dimension of the Boundless Oblivion one. Full of life in their neutral form, therefore of water, connecting the entire universe in an almost pocket dimension, with the right magic, you can use it as a bridge to go anywhere... or damage anywhere.

It was from here that the Old Witches destroyed Domino and managed to curse the Mermaidix, which was the form Daphne was using when she confronted them because she was still learning how to use the Nymphix that had just been given to her.

You can enter with any aquatic transformation -freshwater or salty-, but people didn't know what transformation was cursed and no one was going to risk themselves to know it.

MiniWorlds and Legendarium as dimensions are cancelled, I’ve already talk about them

Planes or Dimensions of the Ethereals: Plane of Magic, Plane of Death, Plane of Dreams

🕯️Ways to Celebrate Imbolc 💐

Imbolc is celebrated on or around February first to welcome the earliest beginnings of spring.

🕯️Honor or welcome the sun by lighting a candle in your home (you can do a fake candle if you’re not allowed to light a real candle). If you really want to go all out, you can light every single fake and real candle in your house! 🕯️Get crafty! Make candles, Brighid’s Crosses, Brighid dolls, sun catchers, or start building a garden. Imbolc is a great time to plant seeds (unless it’s too cold outside; indoor gardens are always an option)! 🕯️Decorate your altar and/or home with crystals, flowers, stones, candles, images of the sun, or any other decor that celebrates the coming spring! 🕯️Divine your future! Get out your tarot cards, pendulum, dowsing rod, bones, or other divining tools and ask for advice or insight into the future. 🕯️Take care of yourself and your home! Do some spring cleaning and cleansing and take time for yourself. Take a bath, clean off your desk, do some easy cleaning or deep cleaning, whatever you prefer. This is a great time for cleansing and purification! 🕯️Cook and share with friends and family! Pies, cookies, bread, whatever you want. If you have the energy, you can cook a feast and celebrate with your loved ones, including deceased loved ones. 🕯️Visit a lake, stream, well, or another body of water. If you want to, dip a ribbon in the body of water and then hang it on a tree (remember to not litter; you could use a tree in your yard and later tie the ribbon off) to send a message of hope and healing! 🕯️Visit a park, lake, or forest and pick up litter. This is a great way to honor the coming of spring, but if it is too cold, you can always wait until it gets warmer! 🕯️Say goodbye to winter and start to welcome spring! You can do this through prayers, spells, thoughts, or actions. Meditation is one great way that you can do this! Cleansing, new beginnings, thriving, purification, and gratitude spells are also great ideas. 🕯️Honor Brighid if you wish to! You can make Brighid crosses or dolls, set a special place for Her on your altar or in your home, give Her a prayer or offering, or something else that honors Her during this special day.