It’s interesting that incels have settled on the term “cumbrain” to describe people who are overly preoccupied with sex, in that historically, many mystical practitioners believed that semen and cerebrospinal fluid were the same thing.

Frequent ejaculation was considered unhealthy because – they alleged – it would literally deplete one’s brain juices, leading to diminished intelligence and other deleterious effects.

Conversely, when one abstained, the accumulated fluid would rise up the spinal column and saturate the brain, granting preternatural insight and wisdom.

Or, in other words: the point of sexual abstinence was precisely to become, one might say, cumbrained.

Finally finished all 6 of my Terrarium Life series~ I first started this series when Covid lockdown happened and everyone had to quarantine. It made me think about all the things we can enjoy by ourselves and how to focus on our self care and mental health. Be it reading books, cuddling with your pet, drinking tea, or tending to plants, take some time each day and treat yourself well <3 I'll be adding stickers and postcards sets of this series and other new products to my shop for the upcoming Thanksgiving Charity Sale! There will be other exciting giveaways too but that'll be a secret for now