she planted the seeds of her future

in the dirt of the earth

thinking that she would be surrounded

with orchids in the garden that she own

but there were no orchids that bloom

instead ivies have grew

she never like green before

but she always thought

it's better than blue

M | 371

Visual: Atomic Blonde (2017) dir. David Leitch

Anonymous asked:

Hi, Secret!

I wouldn't call myself a DNF shipper, however, I love your analysis about their relationship, it's quite fascinating to read about it from the psychological side of view. In the meantime, I learn about "the language of love", the subject I'm not experienced at all. Even if someone flirted with me, I wouldn't recognized it, I'm just that oblivious. Thanks to your work I've been convinced that love isn't as terrifying as I thought it was. Keep writing and good luck with future analysis.


Hi darling,

Thank you, I appreciate this message a lot, and it makes me happy to hear that my analyses have done some good for some people in the world. I never thought that would happen when I first started rambling and analysing in my drafts lmao