17 But the mercy of the Lord is from without beginning, and till into without end; on men dreading him. And his rightfulness is into the sons of sons; (But the Lord’s love is without beginning, and without end; for those who fear him/for those who revere him. And his righteousness shall never fail the children of their children,)

18 to them that keep his testament. And be mindful of his commandments; to do those. (yea, they who keep his covenant; and who remember his commandments, and who do them.) — Psalm 103:17-18 | Wycliffe Bible (WYCLIFFE) The Wycliffe Bible is in the public domain Cross References: Exodus 20:6; Deuteronomy 5:10; Deuteronomy 7:9; Psalm 25:6; Psalm 25:10; Psalm 69:27; Psalm 119:52; Luke 1:50

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Nuisance [Trafalgar Law X Reader]

Description: Law overworks himself a lot, so you decide to be an annoying little shit to get him out of his work slump. 

A/N: Hi I’m currently devoid of all emotion but I figured I gotta get something out for all my Law loving homies out there. I can’t feel shit and I’m a couple coolers deep but that f i n e. @hornyorca this one’s for you because I know you’re balls deep in university and work at the same time. 

Word Count: 981


Law being your lover, you now had to put up with the copious amounts of stress he put himself through on a daily basis. He was always up to his shoulders in paperwork of all sorts, never offloading any of his duties to anyone else as he took care of all his tasks alone. You could tell he was stressed by the trail of coffee cups he left everywhere he went on the sub, and you could see his eyebags from quite a fair distance away. The poor man was overworked and underappreciated, so it was about time you butted in and did something about that. 

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