Ray and Sebastian, hypothetically? (Dunno how it'd be possible, but to heck with it. XD)


Hey, two cis guys having a bio-child is like the LEAST weird non-normative way a kid gets made in Marvel! Name: Jason Ray Shaw Gender: Cis Male General Appearance: Sturdy is the word that comes to mind. He’s 5′8, with very broad shoulders and a broad chest. His very dark blue hair is in a ponytail, longer than Sebastian’s but shorter than Ray’s. His eyes are likewise a dark steel blue, almost black. Like Shaw, he’s a little darker complected than most white people, kind of a Black Irish thing going, and his features are very intense and striking, with Ray’s more delicate ones softening the harshness from Shaw into a very handsome blend. Dresses in black and deep blue businesswear. Personality: Kind of cocky, but in a laid back way. Like he doesn’t HAVE to be aggressive because he’s got everything under control no matter what. And he’s found that if you act like this, even when things are very OUT of your control, people tend to assume you indeed are as unthouchable as you act. Jason always seems like he has a plan, and he usually does, but is also clever and composed enough to handle even the most bizarre and dangerous of surprises on the fly. He’s not impolite, but nor is he formal, and frequently behaves in a far more carefree way than one would expect from a man on his station---but under the laissez faire surface, he’s deadly serious and always has his eyes on the prize, whatever that may be. He likes a good game and a worthy opponent, whether or not his chosen foe knows they’re playing. Jason is always confident in his ability to win, but when he loses, he’s surprisingly graceful and even downright charming about it. He’s suave and social, but by his own choosing has few close friend, because he prizes his own company highly. Ray taught Jason to appreciate the ocean’s power and beauty and all that lives within it. Sebastian taught Jason to appreciate money and what it can bring you. Jason grew up learning business from Shaw, and once he’d acquired a small sum of his own earning, he began investing in marine-based projects, from farming mussels to to undersea mining to developing ocean power technologies. Within a decade he developed an investment firm called Black Seas based entirely on taking money from the ocean----but unlike Sebastian, he also gives back, having never forgotten the love and respect for the sea that Ray imparted to him. He pours quite a lot of money back into ocean preservation projects, aquarium, and the rescue of endangered marine animals, though he keeps plenty for himself to live in luxury as well. While he mostly stays within the law, he also doesn’t lose too much sleep if, say, a whaling ship or oil tanker just mysteriously disappears if you get my drift.  Special Talents: I’m not exactly distinct, but I’m thinking that the things that make the deep water dangerous to normal humans---the cold, the pressure, etc---he can not only cope with, but absorb, store, and rechannel. So like, if he did deep-diving without the proper, he’d not only be fine, he’d store the coldness and pressure inside his body and be able to fire it at someone else later. Something like that. Who they like better: Ray Who they take after more: Sebastian Personal Head canon:  Ray is definitely the nicer parent, but while Jason likes and loves Ray more, I think he respects Sebastian more. He wants to make Ray happy and cares about Ray’s feelings, he wants to impress Sebastian. Also, it’s not a trend I expect to continue, but I’ve noticed all the Shawspawn from this meme so far are connect to the sea; DARJA is in the fishing industry and KAIMANA is literally a wereshark.  Also I named him after Jason as in Jason & the Argonauts, I wanted a name with an ocean/sailing connection but not too obvious. Ray as a middle name came, obviously, from Raymond’s nickname, but I also liked the idea of it sounding like “Rey” which is Spanish for “king” Face Claim: N/A


  • Name: Kaimana King
  • Gender: Cis Female
  • General Appearance: Her default form is that of a humanoid Great White, albeit much lankier than Nanaue’s is, almost unhealthy looking. As a human, she appears as a woman of Anglo-Hawaiian heritage with long black hair and an overall rather. .  .unkempt look. She seems to less dress herself and more just throw on any article of clothing available, sometimes incorrectly so. Her most graceful and attractive form is undoubtedly her shark state; while she looks strange and awkward as a human or hybrid, her fully animal form of a sleek juvenile Great White is perfect. 
  • Personality: Kaimana starts off an extremely curious, naive creature when she first comes to the surface world. She was born underwater in her hybrid form, and spent most of her life in the ocean in her shark state by her father’s side. While she had human intelligence and emotions, her life was much like that of a real shark, albeit with much more awareness and curiosity, with a penchant for exploring all corners of the ocean she could get her nose in, much to her father’s chagrin (he’s right to be cautious; there’s dangers in the sea even for a shark)The only time she assumed her human form was when King Shark brought her to see Shaw, and even then, she was never allowed to come out of the water----nor he into it. Nananue had seen more of the depravity of man through Shaw than even he wanted to, and he didn’t wish it touching his daughter the way spilled oil tainted the sea. But he also knew from her curious nature that if he kept her from her other father, her other heritage completely, she would seek it out on her own. So this was his way of mitigating it, supervising it.  Alas, as she became a teenager, Kaimana still wanted to explore further, to go on the surface world herself, and she did. She thought it would be easy to find her surface father; after all, the land was so much smaller than the sea. This ended up not being the case. She got lost, wandered around the streets, wound up in a mental hospital for a bit, and eventually got back in the water, but was unable to find Nanaue again. So now she was on her own in the sea too. She grew into a much more independent, strongminded predator for it though, and the next time she came on the surface, she was not so naive; instead of trying to find Shaw herself, she waited for the next visit, and then hashed it out with both her fathers what it was she was going to do. It was a hard battle on both ends---Nanaue didn’t want to let her go, and Shaw didn’t want to take her---but Kaimana had the resilience her species ---and both fathers---were known for. She attached herself to Shaw like a remora and observed, rather than explored, and absorbed what she saw. She developed a far sharper-minded, savvier personality as a result, and her appearance changed as well----she became sharper, better-groomed, better-dress, more sophisticated looking. .  ..and somehow scarier too. And she’s learning how sharks like Shaw hunt.  Kaimana was born a sea shark. She is swiftly learning to become a land shark. 
  • Special Talents: As mentioned, she can shift between human, shark, and hybrid states. Basically she’s a wereshark. What’s more, she’s a walking (well, swimming) water cleanser; not only is she resistant to water pollutants, any water than passes through her gills comes out purified, so she’s basically cleaning the ocean wherever she goes.
  • Who they like better: She loves Nananue more. She finds Shaw more fun.
  • Who they take after more: She’s starting to take a LOT more after Shaw as she gets older and watches him, unfortunately. 
  • Personal Head canon: Kaimana is the name that Nanaue gave her at birth, a Hawaiian name meaning “ocean power” and it’s the only one she grew up with. As an adult, she wanted a surname for documentation to move easier through the human world, and “King” seemed fitting, as it’s in the codename of both her parents---King Shark and the Black King. Plus, it’s alliterative, which makes it roll off the tongue better than “Kaimana Shaw” would. 
  • Face Claim: N/A


  • Name: Dárjá “Dar” Somby
  • Gender: Cis Female, but with a somewhat androgynous presentation and uses she/they pronouns
  • General Appearance: Black hair because of COURSE, dark eyes, on the slim side with Eerie’s long legs but a good set of shoulders on her too and the potential to really tone up should she ever wish, around 5′7 but looks taller, loose-fitting unisex business-casual clothes in 90s-neutral palette, lot of black and army green, skin tone between that of her parents, face a lot like Eerie’s but fuller, with a strong chin and sharp jaw from Shaw but not as extreme as his at all
  • Personality: Sarcastic because of OF COURSE, with a somber and seemingly detached manner that seems more apathetic than hostile, even sedated. They’re business-oriented, but turn that talent towards efforts that will benefit the environment and their mother’s peoples. They’re very aware that capitalism, corporations, and colonization are here to stay, so they decide it’s at least going to work best for them as well as such things can. I’m seeing her really involved in something to do with water, maybe the fish industry? Despite the aforementioned sarcasm, she probably does interact better with people than Eerie and possibly even more so than Shaw because of her very, very laidback manner, though they’ve got such a flat affect it can weird some people out too. They seem like they would be shy but actually they’re in social places a lot, always around people but rarely actually interacting, more just blending in. Their flat is appallingly clean and kinda creepily devoid of personalized touches beyond a hanging plant or two, and they don’t like being there all alone much, preferring to hang around crowds and just vibe with the presence of others without actually joining in. She might not really know who she is when she’s alone, and that troubles her.
  • Special Talents: Definitely some mega magic going on! Firstly from Eerie, of course, who is total powerhouse and I imagine would instruct their child in a lot. But also Dar would get some hereditary magic from Shaw, who does canonically have magical ancestry, he’s just never accessed it and probably doesn’t know about it. But his child would carry the potential to do so and with Eerie raising her, she’d have the opportunity to awaken it. I’m thinking it was probably a surprise for Eerie, who likely only expected to see their own sort of magic crop up with their child, and then what do you know!  Not sure exactly what this unexpected magic would be, but probably something more associated with English witchcraft (whatever that entails) than anything from Eerie’s side of the family.
  • Who they like better: Dar definitely understands that Eerie is a better person than Sebastian, and feels loyalty to Eerie, while understanding that any such loyalty to Shaw will only be exploited for his own gain and his own point of view of what success is. But while Dar doesn’t trust him, she doesn’t dislike him, and will engage with him if he approaches; she’s pretty neutral on him. I imagine her relationship with Eerie, whatever it is, is probably more positive but also more complex and not perfect, as I see Eerie as having raised her and closer relationships always come with complications.
  • Who they take after more: Dar is really a lot more chill than either parent, and combines Shaw’s pragmatic business sense with Eerie’s priorities and loyalties around their heritage and land. I feel like Eerie is more about retribution and punishing wrongdoing, whereas Dar is more about mitigating it and minimizing it from the inside, and if all else fails, manipulating it so at least the “right” people benefit from it, so while she has Eerie’s beliefs about what’s right and wrong on a base level, she inherited Shaw’s belief in working from inside the system to accomplish her goals----even when that goal is anti-system. If that makes sense. 
  • Personal Head canon:  I think having two such extreme personalities as parents sort of made Dar flatten her own personality in response. 
  • Face Claim: N/A

had the sudden overwhelming urge to doodle Soledad. She’s my idea for a child that Lourdes and Sebastian could have had before the former’s death, and that Sebastian subsequently sent her to be raised by her grandparents and that’s why we’ve never seen her. I don’t really have any ideas around her personality or anything, and I’ve never done anything with her, I just draw her like once a year.

Gargoyles live-action movie was ‘not for kids,’ says Disney creative team

Gargoyles live-action movie was ‘not for kids,’ says Disney creative team

In 2016, Rick Baker, the Oscar-winning makeup artist and creature creator behind Men in Black, An American Werewolf in London, and Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, auctioned off the monsters in his closet. Tucked away among the alien costumes and gremlins from Gremlins 2 were some curious bits of miscellanea related to an unproduced project: a live-action adaptation of Disney’s afternoon animated…

Yes, all kids have a certain feral quality to them, but my favorites are those that are completely off the rails in totally innocuous ways. Like “hello this is my four year old, her favorite toy is a cookbook from 1908 that I found at a thrift store (she can’t read), she’ll only eat noodles one at a time no matter how hungry she is, and her favorite show is the world news but only in Korean (we don’t speak Korean or know anybody who does).”