A while ago, we stayed at a villa(!) that included an “Italian bento dinner,” which turned out to be one of these boxes each(!!!!), plus a little pizza to share, a bottle of wine, shochu, and even local beer.

It was amazing. Everything was delicious, but especially the mini arancini and this eggplant thing with olives and, weirdly, the little hors d’ouevre of cheese, salami, and cucumber. You like what you like!

Now the conbini has a fresh version of these frozen dipping noodles! The noodle texture is better, the broth has an even stronger (and fishier) flavor, and the toppings were great. The chashu was light, like nice deli turkey, and the egg had a perfectly gooey movie star yolk.

Downsides? It is a little smelly, and it’s just this side of too much food... but I really miss ramen shops and this is nothing to complain about!

コーヒーのある食卓の風景・その248 - 久しぶりに新しいコーヒーカップを買ったので特集してみる編 - Coffee with Foods Part 248: Zenbu 1 Mug

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